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Thread: How to SAVE the Restaurant City game if save icon is missing

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    How to SAVE the Restaurant City game if save icon is missing

    Apparently I'd observe something has gone incorrect within Restaurant City game after yesterday, some or the majority of the particular icons is been missing. Especially the zoom in and out, save, road, revamp,… etc. is not there no additional icons I make out . I consider that it will be missing but it occurs once more whenever I tried to open it. So I was thinking that if this is Restaurant City game or Facebook's trouble? I anticipate its fix almost immediately. Thank you for your occasion.

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    Re: How to SAVE the Restaurant City game if save icon is missing

    By refreshing the same page again check that you are getting your missing icons properly or not but it sounds like a excellent idea as well as it will return to normal way how the game work previously with no issues. I also think that it would not concern the restaurant information. And you also notice that while zapping you will only count for your restaurant and not someone else you stopover. It's possibly will not value and time again just to obtain the icons back up. I anticipate this will fix this problem easily.

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    Re: How to SAVE the Restaurant City game if save icon is missing

    Restaurant City appears to me that it automatically save each couple of minutes whenever you are in session of playing the game, however if you have just done a bit (like give food to all your workers) then saving would be suggested as it may not need to auto-saved since afterward. Just shut the restaurant but leave your workers there, save the game, come back in after an hour, 2 or 3 and check the scenario. When you open the game you will contain like $2000 in fresh earnings with the rating will stay and current game will carry on automatically.

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    Re: How to SAVE the Restaurant City game if save icon is missing

    • You will require to download the necessary bin files from any of the website of the restaurant city game.
    • Then you will need to open fiddler from that files as well as go to auto responder.
    • In the imperative editor, adjoin this regular statement to replace ingredient.bin
    REGEX inns).*save\.bin$
    • Select the ▼ button as well as navigate to the files that you currently downloaded. substitute it among ITEMNAME.bin
    • Select the option SAVE to change the setting.
    • Go into Restaurant City by refreshing the page.

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    Re: How to SAVE the Restaurant City game if save icon is missing

    Your first restaurant is a fundamental little building which you have to provide with tables, chairs, stoves along with various restaurant garnishes with your preliminary gift of Playfish coins and save it frequently as whenever you save the game or it just save automatically. Your motive is to earn a sufficient amount of coins to purchase pleasant things for your patron. These new items will assist to boost your business as well as save the game state, measure off to higher end levels and earn you a superior restaurant.

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