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Thread: Game Booster Bug

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    Game Booster Bug

    I've even downloaded the program Game booster so that my games run smoother. However, when I wanted to go to the game mode, it has concluded a number of processes but when it came to the "WMI Performance Adapter" was not further it went. I waited 15 minutes and it has displayed all the time that the WMI Performance Adapter is stopped still. Do I have to wait even longer about or why is it taking so long? I've already uninstalled and reinstalled, but it did not help.
    My system specs:
    • XP
    • ATI Mobility Radeon X1600
    • 160 GB hard drive
    • 1GB RAM

    So I hope you can help me.

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    Re: Game Booster Bug

    Are you sure? The WMI Performance Adapter service runs do not notice. And if he runs, he can usually stop any problem. If you use the program clearly (I know the program does not) that actually causes the WMI Performance Adapter problem? Sometimes in such cases remains the last true past operation of the display stand, and the problem is caused only by the next operation.

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    Re: Game Booster Bug

    Here I want to know that what XP service pack you have installed? And to check this you just follow it. Open: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Select there the WMI Performance Adapter, and go to properties -> dependencies. Is in the (lower) box these system components are of this service depends on "something is mentioned? Normally there is <No Dependencies >.

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    Re: Game Booster Bug

    Here regarding this I want to tell you that if you had read my post carefully you would have noticed that I have only the lower field "These system components are dependent on this service," said. The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is in the top box with "This service depends on these system components. This does not play any role. What's on the Properties page of the WMI Performance Adapter in general in service status and startup type? If the service is started, try him on the Finish button to exit. What happened?

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    Re: Game Booster Bug

    If you have at least SP2 installed (as I believe) through the following steps lead (just as described):
    Start Windows.
    Open a command prompt window (Start -> Run -> cmd)
    Type in: rundll32 wbemupgd, UpgradeRepository (consult UpgradeRepository case sensitive!)
    Start Windows.
    Now try the WMI Performance Adapter service as described above on the properties page to exit. the behavior changed?

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