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Thread: Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

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    Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

    Hello friends I have been playing this new game called Super Meat Boy and I have found that this is really not a good game to have. It has allot to features that makes the level very difficult to pass. But I have heard that PETA has just released a parody game of Super Meat Boy called Super Tofu Boy. So I would want to know that what are the features dopes this new game has and is it better than SMB or is it even worse. I have found it very difficult playing this SMB game so I would want to know that is the copy that is STB same as SMB or its much more easy in comparison. Please do reply quickly.

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    Re: Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

    Hey I have been playing this new game since it has been released and I found that it is very easy as compared to Super Meat Boy. It even has a bit less graphics as compared to SMB and I dont think so that the game will last for too long as it is very short as compared to the SMB. It is like a flash game that we play online. We can play this game in our spare time and can enjoy at certain level. I request you that you should play this game at least once a while.

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    Re: Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

    Hey its a terrible game in comparison to Super Meat Boy, its like playing the game with a hand video game. It is designed for kids who doesn't have the knowledge to play very tough game like Super Meat Boy. This STB can be played by any one as it is very easy and there are only few options available that is moving forward,backward,right and left and jumping. So the less controls is making this game more easy to play as compared to the complicated Super Meat Boy.

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    Re: Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

    Before saying anything about the game I think that it is very wrong to develop a game by coping it from other game. This is like a crime and the culprit that is the PETA should be punished for the same. They cannot imitate the name as well as some of the features of the game from the other who have worked so much hard to develop such a game. This will be insulting the integrity of the company of the original Super Meat Boy. So I think that the Entertainment industry must take some serious action to all those who indulge themselves in such crime.

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    Re: Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

    No comparison at all to the Super Meat Boy, the game which is released by PETA who developed the replica of the game in the form of short, less graphical and easy version has really hurt the sentiments of the Super Meat Boy company. The is very pathetic, its like playing hand video game for sure. I think that more tough the game is more will the gamers like to play so, I think that gamers should concentrate on the SMB and strict actions should definitely be taken against PETA for doing this bad things.

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    Re: Super Tofu Boy imitated Super Meat Boy

    Hey I have played this game and have found this game very annoying, its like insulting Super Meat Boy. The game is just for fun and specially for childrens who find it difficult to play the Super Meat Boy game because of its tough level as well as the controls. Also, while playing this game I have found it very buggy and the controls are also very sloppy. So i think that the original Super Meat Boy although very difficult will definitely be very interesting to play. So I will vote for Super Meat Boy..

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