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Thread: Upcoming FPS Games

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    Upcoming FPS Games

    Few years before I was big fan of FPS games but now am not used to. But then to I was a hardcore player in FPS games. Among all the FPS games, my favorite was Doom, I used to play hours and hours, I wanted to know are there any new FPS games coming in market? Are they still demand how they were few years before? Can anyone please tell about new FPS games and what is the market position of FPS games?

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    Re: Upcoming FPS Games

    I don’t think that the market position of FPS games have come down so much as you are talking about. There are new FPS games which have boomed in market due to its presence. The new FPS games which are very exciting and new are Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Call of Duty: Black Ops, call of duty: modern welfare, Team Fortress 2, Half- Life 2 etc.. These games are very exciting and have done business in market. Once you play these games you will be back in your form and be sited hours and hours playing with these games.

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    Re: Upcoming FPS Games

    I also think that he is right. Once you start playing all these games, these games will definitely make you crazy about them. I can assure you that once you play Call of duty: Black Ops, You will definitely start loving FPS games. This game has done very good business in market. The game is designed in such manner that you have option except start loving it. This games are quite adventuress and technically made with new technology which will again attract you towards this game. I think you should try this game and then come to conclusion whether it exists in market or not.

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    Re: Upcoming FPS Games

    Even, I think that you should atleast try it once before calling it off. Few days before I played a FPS game Half- Life 2. You won’t believe but its rue that it’s one of the best games off FPS game till now. Even, I similar thoughts like you but when I played this game I ended up with a very good review about FPS games. I know that nowadays there are lots of games coming with different technology but still FPS has its own standard which cannot be brought down.

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    Re: Upcoming FPS Games

    Well, you won’t believe it but Sony has come up with Gaming headset with a unique surround technology. When we are playing FPS games the aspect is that we have see very carefully from where the enemy is coming but with this technology we can hear the surrounding sounds of our enemy which gives a twist in the game. Isn’t it exciting? If this type of technology is coming up then how can we assume that the FPS games don’t exist with toward market?

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    Re: Upcoming FPS Games

    FPS games are really good games and These games are on good position in market at this time. Some new FPS games are given below:
    -Medal of Honor 2010
    -Metro 2033
    -Farcry 2
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