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Thread: Single Monitor Gaming - Advantage or Disadvantage?

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    Single Monitor Gaming - Advantage or Disadvantage?

    I play a lot of LAN games and these days i have come across some people who use 3 monitors to play so whenever i am playing games like BC2 i fail to get the side view because of the less screen size of my monitor they seem to take advantage of this and i loose every time i play so suggest me some solutions so that i can compete with them using the single monitor.

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    Re: Single Monitor Gaming - Advantage or Disadvantage?

    I would suggest that you continue with the single monitor gaming because playing games with the 3 monitors gives you a upper hand specially when you are playing games like BC2. When u look on the other side bringing 3 monitors will be too expensive and it will not be any worth if u play any other normal games like FIFA, Counter Strike because the experience will not matter much.

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    Re: Single Monitor Gaming - Advantage or Disadvantage?

    I would recommend you to stick with your single monitor gaming because you can experience the same 3 monitor experience with the single monitor if u have a normal 20" screen then i would recommend you to buy a larger screen like 30" which will allow you to have a much better view during gaming and that too proving not so costly as compared to the purchase of another 2 monitors. No doubt the experience will be much bigger in the 3 monitor gaming experience but there can be some problem with the video card as it may not support all the 3 monitors and will have problem with the graphics.

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    Re: Single Monitor Gaming - Advantage or Disadvantage?

    If you are a die hard gamer then you surely go with the three monitor gaming believe me it has got a ultimate experience once you switch on to a three monitor you would never go back to the single monitor gaming for the the three monitor gaming you need a specialized video drivers with 3 video cards and ensure that your display supports GUI system. Multi monitor gaming is in though the price is a issue but it will not disappoint you.

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