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Thread: Xbox live updates became problem

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    Xbox live updates became problem

    Freshly my xboxlive connection has stopped working. It started disappearing last Thursday and sustained through Sunday. So I called xbox customer care and an executive told me that they were doing immense updates for the forthcoming holiday season for xboxlive and getting ready for Kinect. She guessed that the troubles would be resolute by Sunday night. But on Monday night when I came back to home from my classes there were troubles playing Medal of Honor online, so I consider everything is ok. I just tried to play last night on Gears of War and then my connection got disconnected and I was not able to connect to any other servers on other games, so far my account is still signed into xboxlive, and my connection is running at full strength.

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    Re: Xbox live updates became problem

    To update an Xbox 360 not connected to the Internet, you should download a ZIP archive computer file corresponding to this update and then decompress it and burn it onto a CD or DVD blank. Then just insert the media engraved into the Xbox, restart the console which will launch automatically update procedure. Obviously, it is still necessary to have a computer with an Internet connection to download this file unless you go with a friend for example. But normally only seen your console is connected to your router (thus connected to the net) that it should automatically update. But it should at least create an account "silver", has created you an account on the live "even a free account".

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    Re: Xbox live updates became problem

    I burned the update onto a CD RW and DVD RW decompressed after having nothing to do but it does not start! Disk is labeled mixed and even if I restart the console is marked joint disk without stopping. I have to burn the update on a CD/DVD RW or not? I was not tested because it is said that you can do with RW...So now you can still guide me Because there's nothing to do! The update that I wanted to do and that allowing the playback of DivX...and other formats unsupported Here at the base but I think it's "SystemUpdate_ [date]. zip".

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    Re: Xbox live updates became problem

    Having not touched my Xbox 360 for some time, I recently tried again to connect to Xbox Live for a game. Here, I am told that I must first download an update for Live. I agree, the download starts, then after a few seconds an error message telling me that it is impossible to download the update and disconnects me. Therefore impossible to log on Live...I started testing the compatibility of the console, and they all worked to get to the test "Xbox Live" that asks me to download the update and there, same thing, error message and no more info. In short, I turn around.

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    Re: Xbox live updates became problem

    I read the problem that you wrote and I have noticed that I have exactly the same problem! I just got my xbox yesterday so I am not sure how it works .... my internet connection running on my xbox but when it comes to updating it says it's impossible to download. I would like to write that I have solved the problem by lowering the security level of your router firewall. I suggest you to try for the same.

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    Re: Xbox live updates became problem

    Getting the update free from Xbox LIVE is the easiest and best option because your console will be automatically updated as new system software is released. To update your Xbox 360 console on Xbox LIVE, just connect to Xbox LIVE with either a Gold or free membership. Your console will be restarted when you join Xbox LIVE, so be sure to save your game progress. If you don't have an Xbox LIVE account or have a slow Internet connection, you can use a USB drive or burn a DVD/CD to update your console.

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    Re: Xbox live updates became problem

    Rather than configure router firewall, which is risky in terms of safety, it is "easier" to create a demilitarized zone for the Xbox, which will open the ports and specially Internet Routers ONLY for the Xbox applications. This tutorial is intended for owners of the Livebox:
    1 / In the Xbox, go to System Settings, then Network Settings and then Configure network
    2 / Copy the IP address of the console (eg
    3 / Open Internet on your PC and type the address of the Livebox gateway (
    4 / Login (login: admin, password is admin if he has not been changed in the meantime)
    5 / On the left, click Livebox, then click Advanced Settings
    6 / several tabs available to you, choose the DMZ tab
    7 / Click Select Equipment
    8 / Select Xbox
    9 / The IP address previously noted in the second step should normally appear (eg
    10 / Click on Create the DMZ and wait few seconds
    11 / Once set up the DMZ, click Logout
    12 / Restart the Xbox
    13 / If this does not immediately restart the Livebox for the changes to take effect and then restart the Xbox

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