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Thread: StarCraft 2: LAN problem

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    StarCraft 2: LAN problem

    I am having a HP computer with the Widows 7 operating system with the 2GB RAM and the 320GB hard disk space with the Inter processor. I bought a brand new StarCraft 2 and installed it into my computer. I use the home network to play the game, but unable to run the game into my computer by the LAN connection, for playing between two players. We generally used to play in the web-site to play online between the two players or more than that. I think there is a problem in the internet connection, I disconcert the service then again reconnect it, but still the same thing happens in the connection. Is there anyone help me to overcome from the problem, any other alternate recommendation to run the game into my computer? Or is there any installation problem? Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly….

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    Re: StarCraft 2: LAN problem

    I don’t think that the streaming of the game will not be giving the environment that you will get by the play in the home network. Alos don’t think so it will fit according to your demand. I think that there should be a problem in the Internet connectivity, make sure that the configuration of the internet is properly integrated with the network. The network adaptor will also need to integrate with the connection. I suggest you there is an solution to play the Star Craft 2 in multiplayer you can play it via Steam and Boot Camp. It will allow to play in the multiplayer.

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    Re: StarCraft 2: LAN problem

    Did you got any email for verification of the game while you enter the key for the game? There should be a registration mail will delivered for the verification of the connection also the for the copy of the game. Is your LAN connection working correctly? Make sure the Local connection is also works fine. I had the similar issue, while I played the Blizzard in my HP Mini laptop, and found that the email which comes for the verification of the game is not verified till by me. Now it plays smoothly after the verification.

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    Re: StarCraft 2: LAN problem

    The installation of any game is very difficult in any windows version; I have no idea on Linux and other. I found this while I also had the similar issue, I installed the game into my machine, it shown that the game is installed properly but after the reboot of the machine it not allowed to play the game, I thought exactly like you, though there is another computer is present in my home network. I also used to play the game as the multiplayer. The issue was or the driver of the computer. Which graphic card you are using? I uninstall my NVIDIA driver from the machine and reinstall it with the latest version which is GeForce 8800GTS, it requires for the reboot of the machine. And after the reboot of the machine the game plays smooth. This is my recommendation to you update the graphic driver of your system with the latest version, I hope the problem that you are facing will be fix.

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