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Thread: Starcraft II DRM?

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    Starcraft II DRM?

    I have ordered Starcraft II and waiting for next Tuesday to get it. I will like to play it on my computer as well as on my laptop. I did not got beta but I have watched a lot of videos and does anyone knows that I need to keep the cd in the drive for playing or I just once need to install it .Your suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Re: Starcraft II DRM?

    Blizzard is finally going to use Digital Rights Management and Starcraft2 will be the first game to use it. Blizzard is one of the company that do not worry about piracy at all. In order to play this game, you need to connect once to install it. You have to sign up for a battle .net account during installation process. It is annoying but this is first time Blizzard require to register. But I think it should sit well with the fans of starcraft.

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    Re: Starcraft II DRM?

    I would say DRM should be never the reason to buy or not buy the game. There is a way to get DRM for every game. Purchasing games with dreadful DRM you send message to publisher to screw your paying customer over with protection scheme which hurts the customer only and not the pirate. You play game because you like it and not due to vendor policy. I do not think there is any solution to this problem beside shifting to online games.

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    Re: Starcraft II DRM?

    Even for single player you need to online. And logged into account to play it. Blizzard build great games, but a lot of problem are coming from their policies, this is online only and no LAN in Starcraft2. Surely this is the transfer of great game making house to a huge cash making profit. But this all is useless as this game will be pirated like other game and we will be able to play single player on a pirated copy. In future the multiplayer might be hacked like hamachi. This is the nice game to play.

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