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Thread: Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

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    Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

    When the first Just Cause was released 4 years ago , i was not done much noise despite a premise ( embodying a special agent parachuted into an island of 1024km ² to complete a series of missions) I suffered from many defects gameplay who eventually sink it. The developers of Avalanche seem to have taken note of criticism for Just Cause 2 . Can anybody share the Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality ?

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    Re: Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

    I think there is little doubt that Xbox 360 owners enjoy a game more fluid and clear . Whether due to blur or something else, we also feel that the texture quality is a bit better on 360. The problem is that the screen tearing sometimes seem truly repulsive. In the video above, 10 % of the images left by the 360 are torn, but statistics alone do not reflect the actual situation because the appearance of tears is not uniform : they occur only when the engine must be face a heavy load and when it happens , there are usually many explosions , enemies that attack and other things like that. This degradation of the image , just as it would have to be perfect, resulting in a demeaning experience.

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    Re: Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

    While AMD has already difficult to bear the intrusion PhysX in many blockbuster titles this year, the arrival of Cuda in Just Cause 2 should not really be to their liking. Yet Developer Avalanche Studios have integrated technology rendering relief managed by theAPI Nvidia increases the quality shadows and lights for more realism. To fully realize the advantage provided by Cuda in the game. By cons , as always , better images are paid by lower performance as shown by comparative workbenches made by our colleagues at PCGH.

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    Re: Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

    The demo of Just Cause 2 travels on the web in recent days and as usual PC Games Hardware is one of the first to be interested in the bench with several graphics cards. But if the performance we want, we also note that Just Cause 2 is one of the first games to take advantage of CUDA . Entirely DirectX 10 Avalanche Studios game manages effect rendering technology highlight the API of the chameleon , which can significantly improve the graphic quality including better management of the effects of light and shadow.

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    Re: Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

    Just Cause 2 is a title which we had not been able to expand at the launch of the GTX 480 due to time , so here is extensive evidence today. The first thing that stands out in 1680 x 1050 is the unexpected superiority of AMD in this title yet stamped TWIMTBP . The explanation lies in the fact that Just Cause 2 is based on PhysX for rendering the water and the bokeh effect on NVIDIA cards . Unable to directly compare the performance between the green and red , we have still to study the performance gain in SLI and CrossFire.

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    Re: Just Cause 2 Gameplay Performance and Image Quality

    In Just Cause 2, You play as a secret agent in the greatest tradition of action films - fighter , handsome and improbable - that has a distinct advantage over its enemies: a grapple. So there you think is in the skin of a climber , and you do not completely wrong. His grapple, our hero uses all sauces move like Spiderman in a hostile environment and diverse . You can also throw the grapple on a target and attach to another. For example , you can hang an enemy to a wall to stop fidgeting when he was shot , etc. ... A thousand and one ways to kill different, but really funny. Will be seen in missions to complete " pinata kills " for example, probably consisting in attaching an enemy in the air and beating him. Besides the possibilities of our combative gadget travel are very fast, which set a chance on this map .

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