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Thread: GTA 4 monitor problem

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    GTA 4 monitor problem

    I have done a little bit research on the web and I received the same correlating with my issues:

    -The resolution is so high within the game, stating that it is 'out of range'
    -I could be running with a resolution along with an exceedingly high refresh rate

    None of the entitled happened with me. I have switched off my system last night and when I power on my system again when trying to launch the GTA to play this , it gives me the same . It was running properly last night without any issues, what is going on right now ?

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    Re: GTA 4 monitor problem

    I need some more information about the components that you have and how about the exact error message that is getting occurred ? System specification ? Monitor size/resolution? Video card ?

    May be, you are getting this issues with the GTA IV! Maybe the refresh rate you have selected to be on the monitor is not supported and higher than your monitor resolution ?

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    Re: GTA 4 monitor problem

    I tried to search about this and I have stated about the error . It states that OUT OF RANGE on my system monitor when I maximize the screen or when the game getting launched to play. It might be associated, I am not so sure but we will see.

    I don't have idea about the procedure to resolve the refresh rate on the game. Anyone have anymore idea about the procedure ? Plus if I have to put into a Target Line format, it will not move since I have tried the same already unless if you got one that would be feasible . I have tried the following :

    "C: \Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV.exe" -width 1680 -height 1050 -refreshrate 60

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    Re: GTA 4 monitor problem

    I am plying the game specified for a long time and I was just shocked when i got this one error message on my screen which is occurred during the game execution. It is looking so difficult to find the appropriate fix fro this . When I launched the gta 4, my monitor/lcd tv (sharp lc-19sb24u) displays "not compatible with this signal", what I have to do after getting this message and what changes I need to configure out ..

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