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Thread: RESIDENT EVIL 5 PC: Gold Edition?

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    RESIDENT EVIL 5 PC: Gold Edition?

    I looking to download and install the RESIDENT EVIL 5 video game on my computer. I have heard about the RESIDENT EVIL 5 gold edition. But I had I don’t have much information about this edition of the video game. I need some additional information about this video. I tried looking on the web but I cannot find much detailed information about this game edition. I want some help on the same. Also what is the hardware requirement to play the game.

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    Re: RESIDENT EVIL 5 PC: Gold Edition?

    Minimum System Requirements of RESIDENT EVIL 5 Gold Edition PC.
    • Operating System: Windows XP
    • CPU: Intel Pentium D series
    • Main Memory: 1 Gb RAM
    • HDD: 8 Gb free space
    • Graphic card Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphic Card: ATI Radeon HD 2400 / NVIDIA GeForce 6800
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
    • DirectX: 9.0c

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    Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is the ultimate version of Resident Evil 5. It brings a lot of amazing things. The game has some limitation actually and I do not think it is easy to find the same on the web. The game will offer you a few good chapter and the gameplay of the same is also limited. This game gives you a intense horror gameplay and also various techniques. There are no major changes in the game graphics here. It looks same like the other one, you just get some extra content.

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    (Lost in Nightmares) Unlockable: Play As Jill

    Strike the chapter and you'll be capable to choose Jill in a new single-player game. Jill has somewhat diverse opportunity than Chris.

    Easter Egg: Hidden Cutscene

    At the extremely begin of Chapter 1-1, obtain your first correct presently past the building and you'll observe a rapid cut scene of a fellow in an unfortunate predicament.

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