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Thread: Best Board Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

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    Best Board Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

    1. Shredder Chess:

    Shredder is the most booming chess game for your iPod and iPhone ever. You can have fun against Shredder, examine along with it and resolve chess mysteries. The game provides the common Shredder standard for your pouch. Additionally, to the exceptional playing power of the twelve times PC chess world winner, Shredder is capable to imitate the game of a creature chess player as well with whichever playing power. Yet, it intentionally creates characteristic human errors in those levels. Crack thousands of in-built chess puzzles. Shredder also maintains track of your routine and provides suggestions if required.

    Download Shredder Chess

    2. Animal Kingdom:

    Animal Kingdom is an easy to play and learn video game that is available for your iPhone and iPod along with good-looking graphics and animatronics. The game is enjoyable by merely watching the movements of the pieces around on the board. Animal Kingdom is a challenging game as well and you be supposed to be conceited if you can beat its hard-level that is still unbeaten by anyone. This game is just right for charging your mind in five minutes of play daily and you can recommence the enjoyment at whatever time you wish.

    Download Animal Kingdom

    3. Ball Boom - Elements

    Ball Boom - Elements is a quick tactical board video game for your Apple iPod and can be played with 2 players. In this game, players attempt to take up the bulk of the board by 2 easy moves. It is able to be played against the CPU or any other player with the similar device. Even though there are just 3 easy type of moves - Setting in and scattering - the potential are quite multifaceted. Setting in absorbs accurately 1 unfilled field while Spreading absorbs all free adjacent fields in 1 direction. Extraordinary essentials powering the game play put in more range to the game.Ball Boom's presents 24 stages along with 2 legs apiece, accessible in two difficulties resulting in a total of 96 games. The outcome of the Level Mode is put aside discretely for different players on the same device.

    Download Ball Boom - Elements

    4. Five In A Row:

    Play against the computer or your friend via WiFi to complete two sequences of five chips before your opponent does. A sequence is five chips in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The board consists of a 10 by 10 grid of two sets of playing cards. Each player takes turns placing chips on the matching corresponding card on the game board by dragging the card into position. The corners of the board are the Jokers, and they are wild! Either player can use an open Joker position as part of their sequence of five chips.

    Jacks don't appear on the game board, but are wild in your hand. Two-eye'd jacks are wild and can be placed anywhere on the board to help you get your sequence of five chips. One-eye'd jacks allow you to remove an opponent's chip to prevent them from making a sequence of five chips; however, once a sequence is made by the opponent, those chips can't be removed by the one-eye'd jack.

    In the new color game board option, you still try to get two sequences of five chips; however, there is no card to place a chip anywhere nor a card to remove an opponent’s chip. The corners of the board are still wild like in the card board version. For the color game board, it's best to play against a human via WiFi.

    Download Five In A Row

    5. Backgammon

    Make use of your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch as a backgammon table! Try to win against your associates or the PC to obtain the finest score! 2nd player controls are revolved by 180 degrees. The game is featured with challenging A.I. along with three difficulty levels. It also offers one-tap checker movement, highlight probable target location, undo actions, repetition cube, leave game or match, auto-save game on exit. Advanced settings let you to modify the game to your own preferred style of gaming.

    Download Backgammon

    6. Merelles:

    Merelles is a classic strategy video game is in action in different forms for since 2 thousand years. At the present, this classic game is updated that allows you to enjoy it on your iPod Touch or iPhone. You can play it as multiplayer or against CPU.

    • One or two player mode
    • 4, 6, 9 and 12 men versions of the game
    • 3 levels of difficulty per game
    • Fast computer play
    • Cool animated graphics and effects
    • Sound effects
    • Stones on wood and floating in space themes
    • Undo / redo
    • Scoreboard
    • Auto-save game in progress
    • Can listen to your iPod whilst playing

    Download Merelles

    Checkout for more top games for your Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Also checkout must have iPhone 4 apps and iOS4 applications

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    Re: Best Board Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

    The information that was provided to me is really helpful to me but I want to know whether I can play the angry bird game on the same phone. Please help me out of this confusion.

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