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Thread: Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

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    Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

    The people who like playing gun games or Shooting games, here i gathered a list of best shooting games that is worth of having on Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. Just have a look:

    1. iShoot:

    iShoot is an weaponry battle game in which tanks explode each other by means of a large variety of dynamic weapons, from basic shells and huddle missiles to the world-demolishing Shiva Bomb. As you steps forward all the way through rounds you obtain additional cash for more harsh / overwhelming arms such as Vulcan Cannon, Doombringer, and Planet Buster. Surroundings are destructible that makes this in fact enjoyable to look at.

    Download iShoot

    2. Modern Combat: Sandstorm:

    Modern Combat: Sandstorm is one of the Gameloft’s new action- suspenseful video game for your iPhone and iPod that will throw you into the spirit of modern war. Allocated to Sandstorm assignment, your responsibility is to establish and wipe out the new terrorist cell scenery up shop and employing foreign rebellious in a remote wasteland hot spot. This harsh first person shooter will prepare you with the most complicated and authoritative modern-day arms.

    Download Modern Combat: Sandstorm

    3. Siberian Strike:

    Siberian Strike is top down shooter along with 4 stages of complexity. Discover the fastest-paced shoot’em up yet on iPhone with the funniest and craziest story! 1940s. You are Elliott Freeman and your mission is to track and destroy the evil Stalinbot, a soviet cyborg that is spreading a very dangerous drug all over Europe: the Stalinka. Renewing the retro genre, Siberian Strike offers tons of enemies to destroy in many different ways thanks to the wild array of dangerous weapons at your disposal. Explosive missions make this game one of a kind with gameplay mixing shooting and riveting piloting assignments. Made for shoot'em up fans and casual players thanks to intuitive gameplay that makes it fun and within reach for everyone.

    Download Siberian Strike

    4. Wild West Guns:

    You will need to demonstrate much skill in this shooter worthy of the best westerns. Check your targets on the touch screen, and try to get as many points as possible. Some elements of the decor related items. Make sure not to forget, while avoiding fire on passers-by! Take part in an attack on a train or show that you're a good shot in progressively more difficult challenges. Earn money to unlock the next level. You'll never want to stop playing.

    Download Wild West Guns

    5. Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum:

    Play the well-known original game that commenced the FPS genre. Here you will roll as a OSA super agent B.J. Blazkowicz and motto is to beat the warped Nazi regime and get away from Castle Wolfenstein. The game contains all 6 original events with sixty typical stages and memorable armaments, similar to the wicked chain pistol, that still describe action gaming these days. Wolfenstein 3D Classic is uncontrollably action and all of the unforgettable opponents are there for you to overcome from Hans Grosse to MechaHitler!

    Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum

    6. WWII Alone:

    WWII Alone is a fast-speedy action shooter game for your iPod. Move fast and shoot all your enemies. Shots go deliberate so you be able to hit to dodge them. Aircrafts use to throw bombs, missiles are tossed at you. Don't get hopeless, you can discharge them and throw bombs at opponents as well. Be aware of that blasts of opponent grenades injure enemies. You can aim at opponent’s bombs for making sequence blasts.

    Download WWII Alone

    Also checkout must have iPhone 4 apps and iOS4 applications

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    Re: Best Shooting Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Well the games which mentioned here are the finest one but I want to know whether angrybird can be played on the mobile phone that i am having. So please help me out i am using Apple iPhone

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