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Thread: Do backed up games work on Wii ?

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    Do backed up games work on Wii ?

    A friend of mine has lent me a few "backed up" wii games to try on my softmodded wii.
    He told me that it is NOT possible to copy the backed up dvd to another dvd (copy backed up game using a dvd copier) as the data is reverse written or something like that.
    Will it work or wont it? Has anyone tried it?
    If i had a spare blank dvd right now id try it but i dont.

    many thx in advance

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    Re: Do backed up games work on Wii ?

    Yes the backed up games will work on Wii without any problems if the DVD is written at a 3X writing speed. But in my suggestion you should not try to run the backed up game as it is illegal and is considered as piracy.

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