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Thread: Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

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    Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

    Yesterday I had purchased Mass Effect 2 disc. I have a Windows XP PC with 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB GPU support. I think my system is enough to cope with the system need of the game. I had played other games also before which worked well. What happen here that after installation and making settings arrangement my sound effects and music are not perfect. Some time they doesn't load at all.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

    You can fix this matter by entering the settings menu of Mass Effect. Do this launch the game and then click on Sound. Here you have to click on Mass Effect Config. At the bottom of the screen you can seen Configure Sound Devices. Now click the same and the click on Volume. After that go to Advance Settings and then choose Performance Tab. Here you can see Hardware Acceleration. Set this to none. Check back that this must be set to full and then save the settings.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

    This happens due to the Hardware Acceleration settings which are set to full in the Sound settings. The game tries to search for a dedicated sound hardware to provide you good sound quality. You can set that to none by the above settings and then run the game again. I had tried the same solution mentioned above and now my sound is working fine.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

    Some time this type of errors are really not tolerable in case you buy new games. This is merely a setting issue. I had updated by drivers and tried to tune up my sound settings. But nothing works here till I had disabled the Hardware Acceleration settings from the configuration menu of Mass Effect 2. There is no need to do anything if you have a sound card in your PC.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

    When you install the game the launcher tries detect a device such as Voice Modem. This type of device is incompatible with this software. To solve problem is you have to disable the Wave Device For Voice Modem. For this right click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager and then cick the plus sign (+) correspondent the device Audio, video, game. If a device Wave Device for Voice Modem appears, click the device is using the right mouse button and select the menu option Properties and click on Disconnect the device. Restart and check again.

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    Re: Mass Effect 2 Audio Cut-Out Problems

    In General you have to install the sound driver for the integrated sound device on your board. The issue here looks in the sounds and audio device in sounds and see the settings of audio in control panel, if you have the audio materiel detected, if any gear is no recognized, installed the sound driver. Windows Audio service does not start because another dependent service that will not start the service endpoints Builder Windows Audio Service.

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