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Thread: Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

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    Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

    Hello, I am running Windows xp with Service pack 3 on my pc. I have 2 gb of ram and dual core processor running with graphics card 8600gt in my machine. My friend recently gave me a game called Fallout 3 and whenever I try to install it I get an error message "Fallout 3 has encountered a problem and needs to close." I also get a black screen even sometimes on my pc. Can anyone help me out please.
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    Re: Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

    We would like to know some more informations like what all type of error message you are getting, can you post it here? You might have to update everything like for examples its latest patch, some good sound card for game support and so on. Have you also tried to update your graphic driver to the latest version cause if not I would recommend you doing the same. You can get it from the nvidia website.

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    Re: Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

    Yes, Download the Fallout 3 Patch from here.

    Bug Fixes
    Friends notification no longer causes the game to pause. (Playstation 3)

    Fixed occasional crashes during loading and waiting.

    Friendly or neutral NPC health bars, when taking damage, no longer flicker repeatedly.

    Fixed issue where certain NPCs would occasionally disappear from the game.

    Fixed issue where dead NPCs would occasionally come back to life.

    Fixed rendering issue with the Gatling Laser gun's tracers.

    Fixed issue where the haircut menu would occasionally not appear properly.

    Added ability to remap your VATS and pip boy buttons.

    Fixed rare load/save issues that would cause NPCs to behave incorrectly.

    Fixed issue where quest objectives would occasionally not update properly due to talking activators,
    intercoms and conversations.

    Using Radaway from the Pip-Boy's Status Menu repeatedly no longer crashes the game.

    Player no longer gets stuck in level up menu if their skills are maxed out.

    Fixed issue where multiple followers would occasionally not load into an interior.

    Fixed rare issue with getting stuck in VATS mode.

    Fixed rare crash with fighting NPCs with corrupted data.

    In game radios will now play properly if player was listening to the radio in the Pip-Boy first. (Playstation 3)

    Fixed rare crashes while loading and saving games.

    Fixed rare issue where player would fall through the floor while in VATS.

    Fixed occasional crash after scoring a critical hit in the head with a Railway Rifle.

    Prevent NPCs from inadvertently dying from falling.

    Fixed occasional issue where the controller would stop working properly.

    Fixed crashes related to repeatedly equipping and dropping clothing and armor into the world.

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    Re: Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

    You might also require to do a Windows update from the Internet Explorer which is in its option called Tools --> Windows Update. Also try to defrag your hard drive and also scandisk might also help you. You can also do windows update by following the tips given below:

    • Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl, and then press ENTER.
    • Click the Automatic Updates tab, and then click to select one of the following options.
    • We recommend that you select the Automatic (recommended) Automatically download recommended updates for my computer and install them option.
    • Click OK.

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    Re: Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

    Once you have properly patched Fallout 3 then do the following from below:

    Download Fallout mod manager and install it in the directory called C:\Program Files\Fallout 3 (in case if your game installation directory is different then do it accordingly). Then try to disable Anchorage and the Pitt and launch Fallout 3 via Fallout mod manager. Once it is done then relaunch game with Anchorage and then again relaunch game with Ancorage and The Pitt. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Fallout 3 has has encountered a problem and needs to close

    If you still have some Fallout 3 crashing problem then do the following:

    1. Click Start
    2. Click “All Programs” (or just Programs, depending on the version of Windows, whether they’re using “classic,” etc.)
    3. Go to the ffdshow folder.
    4. Click “Audio decoder configuration.”
    5. In the left hand pane, click “Info & debug.” This is the second entry in the list.
    6. In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labelled “Don’t use ffdshow in:”
    7. Check that box, and in the text box underneath (it lights up when you check the check box), add “fallout3.exe” (don’t include the quotes). If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ( ; ) after what’s already there, and fallout3.exe after that. Do NOT use spaces, since ffdshow will think that’s part of the filename. A valid entry would be “explorer.exe;fallout3.exe” (without quotes).
    8. Finally, click “Ok” and start Fallout 3.

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