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Thread: Aliens versus Predator 2 game screen goes black

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    Aliens versus Predator 2 game screen goes black

    Hi to all. I have a Windows 7 platform running computer at my place. I am using a ATI HD 2600 Pro 256MB video card. I have earlier played a number of games on this computer. But last month I had formatted my computer completely. I then installed the Aliens versus Predator 2 computer game. But after installing the game when I try to play the game the monitor screen goes black and the computer hangs. What is the cause for this to happen?

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    Update Graphic card Drivers

    As you have reinstalled Windows or might have have probably upgraded Windows, in both the cases I suggest you to first update your graphic card drivers for Ati HD-2600 Pro. Because of upgradation or re-installation of Windows the updated driver setup might be lost. You can easily update your graphic card drivers from the Device Manager. At the same time check for updates available for motherboard drivers as well.

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    Re: Aliens versus Predator 2 game screen goes black

    The issue can be because of RAM problem. The game might not be getting the required RAM support because the RAM might have gone bad. So to verify this, power off your computer and open the chassis. Remove the RAM stick from its motherboard socket. Clean its base. And plug it back in it socket. If problem still persist check with another RAM if the problem still persist then probably your RAM has gone bad and you would need to use a new RAM.

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    Reinstall Aliens versus Predator-II

    Have to tried re-installing the Aliens versus Predator-II back again. I had a similar issue with Mass Effect-II when I tried to install the game after switching from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Though I was able to play the game on Windows Vista and even on the Windows 7 RC it was not the same with Windows 7. When I clicked on the game icon the screen used to flash a black screen, hang for a while the computer would then re-boot on its own. So I just you to un-install the game and then do the re-installation. And this worked for me. I hope you also could try this out to fix the black screen error.

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    Graphic card issue

    From you description it seems to be an error which might be because of the graphic card. Many times as the computer game is prohibited of the required graphic support because of the graphic card being corrupted it then gives a BSOD error. Sometimes such issues can be fixed by simply tightening the graphic card on the mainboard as it might have a loose connection or by updating the drivers for the graphic card. But if all this does not works then the error does hints that the graphic card needs to be changed.

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    Temporarily Disable Anti-virus

    Such problems are known to be arising because of antivirus program. The Antivirus thinks of the game processes to be a suspicious illegal processes and thus disallows these processes. This is usually when the game processes try to access internet. Check out if disabling the antivirus program while playing the game helps you to solve the black screen error. Also check if you are having all the setup files of the game Aliens vs Predator 2. As incomplete setup can also result into such fatal errors. Disable any process running in the background while to try to launch the game.

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