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Thread: Error -5006 while installing GTA

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    Error -5006 while installing GTA


    I have a problem while installing the game GTA Vice City, at the beginning of the installation Next error appears:

    Error Code: -5006: 0x80070005
    Error Information:
    > SetupDLL \ SetupDLL.cpp (1287)
    PAPP: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
    PVENDOR: Rockstar Games
    PGUID: 4B35F00C-E63D-40DC-9839-DF15A33EAC46

    I am the administrator of my pc. I have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed on my pc. What may the problem ??? Why I am getting Error -5006 while installing GTA Vice City ?

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    Re: Error -5006 while installing GTA

    Try the following steps to remove Error -5006 while installing GTA :

    1. Open 'Computer'
    2. Open the Program Files folder '
    3. Open the Common Files folder '
    4. Find the folder "InstallShield" and left click on it once
    5. Press F2 and scroll to the bottom line and put an X
    6. Press enter
    7. Try running the installer for the game again

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    Re: Error -5006 while installing GTA

    Try adding to your program with the Add / Remove control panel. In your case you are having problems, find the file SetupDLL.cpp. It may not be getting back into the system from the CD during the installation process. Check your CD for fingerprints, dirt, stains and scratches. Cleaning (gently with a soft cloth) to find any dirt by wiping from the central zone to the outer edge across the surface of the CD.

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    Re: Error -5006 while installing GTA

    Use search function your computer's to find your InstallShield folder. Then search for InstallShield folder, the default location is C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield. After you get search result : Right-click on the InstallShield folder and select Rename from the menu. Type InstallShieldOld and press Enter. Close all programs and windows that are running. Then reinstall the software.

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    Re: Error -5006 while installing GTA

    Did you check the minimum requirements of GTA? Also check out the video drivers??? Try to install game from another drive, if that fails, try copying the DVD contents to a folder on your hard drive and install from there. If you get a CRC error during the copying the cd to your hard drive, it usually indicates a problem with your DVD problem.

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    Re: Error -5006 while installing GTA

    Rename the single compressed EXE file to setup.exe and run setup again. Disable Terminal Services on your computer and rerun the installation. Replace the exe single tablet with a full version of CD-ROM. Otherwise try Ccleaner, it CCleaner is designed to optimize and clean the system.
    The software removes unused files from your hard drives, shortcuts without target, ActiveX controls, help files, entries in the registry, etc.. to free up space and improve the loading of Windows.

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