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Thread: Railroad Lines does not work.

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    Railroad Lines does not work.

    Hey guys, It is been about 1 year that i am playing train simulator. Now i got bored by playing this game. I have got the same kind of game which is Railroad Lines. In this game also i would be playing about train simulating but i thought it will be something different to play this game. Anyway, It is not working on my computer. I do not know why but want to play this game anyhow. Can anybody help ?

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    Reinstall the game.

    Railroad Lines is a nice game to play if you like simulating games. As you said that you have played Train Simulator then this would be much exciting game for you to play. I think there could be some problem with regarding the cd which you are using to play this game. Another problem could be installation, It might happen that this game has not been installed properly on your computer, try reinstalling it.

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    System Requirements for Railroad Lines.

    Following are the system requirements that are needed in your computer to play the Railroad Lines.
    1. System: Windows XP Processor: 1.5 Ghz
    2. RAM: 512 GB DDR
    3. Graphic card: 64 MB compatible with Direct 3D and DirectX 9.0.c drivers.

    Recommended system requirements :
    1. System: Windows XP, Windows Vista.
    2. Processor: 2 Ghz Intel Pentium or equivalent processor.
    3. RAM: 1GB DDR
    4. Graphic card: 128 MB Direct 3D compatible with Direct 3D and Direct X 9.0c drivers.

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    Railroad Lines Features.

    Here are some features that has been provided by the Railroad Lines.
    1. Different locations and missions to be completed.
    2. Different weather conditions.
    3. Three camera view modes.
    4. 20 types of engines.
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    About Railroad Lines.

    This game has been made for all railroad and modelling lovers. It is simple and enjoying game with the simplest principles. The player would be having some tasks to complete with regarding the train, passenger and freight ones. The action will be taking place in "5th Railroad Era" where all the engines and carriages will be available.

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    Railroad Lines.

    At the start of this game player would be having some points to play with. This points can be used to buy carriages and create trains. You can rent only carriages and engines you get at the beginning of each location. And your points would be increasing after completing a task. You may create new trains also by using these points. It provides different types of whether to ride on your train in those whethers.

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