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Thread: Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

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    Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

    I have Tomb raider game. It is a nice and adventure game. I need information on this. Like how to start the game and how to play. The game starts with the surroundings a bronze figure, take it and run straight towards the ramp you see to your right. Run over the gap to reach the other side. I need more details to move further. It waste lot of time in searching.

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    Re: Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

    Leading to the pool on the right side you will find a bronze figure. Walk over the small pool that is at the base of the waterfall and dive. Swim to the opposite side and hold onto the small ledge. Jump up to the platform Asirta this up and get on it. Follow this road and you will find a big rock to push it to fall, down to your right you will find another bronze figure. When the road is cleared, jump to the opposite side of the platform to do so would trigger the first point to save the game.

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    Re: Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

    Once you move to the road then turn right and vertical jumps on the vine. Stay up until you drop and jump back into the vine that is just right and jump again to reach the platform on the right and another save point. Go ahead and jump on the rope in front of you. Rock to gain momentum and jump around as soon as you have enough speed to land on the platform hidden behind the waterfall. Do not worry if you miss the jump: You only safely plunge headlong into the pool below. Backs up your steps to try again. Once you land viewed from the edge of the rope with which you jumped, you will see a cave on the right, jump rope again and you jump to it, light the torch and follow the path to the figure of silver, which continues until the road ends and low, you will fall in the previous cave by jumping rope than the first time. I had played till here. Notify you more as I go on.

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    Re: Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

    If you are at the waterfall then reach the edge of the waterfall. Go up the river on your right against the current, is stick to the wall because a boulder rolling towards you. Walk to a ledge on the right just moments before reaching the second waterfall. Use it to jump forward and power Asirta the horizontal pole. Move through the left side of the post. Now you go or turns on to jump to the other pole has the same to reach the ledge beside the waterfall, hanging from the ledge is on the right and again jump to the next ledge.

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    Re: Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

    Push the rock that is on the edge of the platform, this will fall on a fallen log at the bottom. This changes the position of the tree trunk in the center of the stream can now be used to scale the waterfall below. Let yourself fall into the river to your left you will see another bronze statue, walk on the rock beside the tree trunk, then jump on the branch. Then jump: Lara will grab the ledge in the middle of the cascade. Climb up and walk forward to the checkpoint.
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    Re: Information on Tomb Raider PC Game

    If you got a tap then throw it in the bright medallion and pulls it to clear the new entry. As soon as you approach the entrance, start a scene. Then, you'll find yourself standing behind two soldiers. Do not hesitate: Open Fire, remembering constantly moving and dodging. There is a save point behind you. Once the battle ends, head to the rock at the center of the waterfall, jump straight ahead to the ledge moves quickly left as the ledge will fall. Keep going until the end and then jump to the ledge that is next to the side and once again reach double jump up to reach the platform and reach the save point. As you keep on moving you will get more hints and points. The game is easy to play.

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