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Thread: What is the features of Lost Odyssey

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    What is the features of Lost Odyssey

    I like to play games. I got a game CD called Lost Odyssey from my friend last week. I am trying to play it well, but I am not able to complete the stage in it. I want to know it's features and a small information on it. How to clear the stage with a good point. About the massive scope in this game. And about the magic in the game if any.

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    Re: What is the features of Lost Odyssey

    In this game their are many challenges and also technology involved. This story is about Kaim. His memory has been loss, as he is a soldier fighting in the battlefield. As a leader he is defending his country. Until his memory comes back he has been affected by thousand of troops. He lived more than a thousand years, but cannot remember this past.

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    Re: Innovative RPG gameplay the Lost Odyssey

    It is a Innovative RPG gameplay, this game is played by multiplayer that also online. In this system the elements are blended traditionally. This story tells that kaim is living from many generation, he had been felled in love a number of time. In this he have to struggle and set in that world, which is under the mystical industrial revolution. Where dark powers has been attained by the mankind.

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    Re: Realistic next-generation graphics Lost Odyssey

    This game has been taken from the intense and the unsettled action film. It has a Realistic next-generation graphics which as been powered by the engine technology 3. It is a game with rendering quality. In the large battle it show a small details in the high level. This is a good action game, the only thing is that we have to know it's magic and tricks how to play.

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    Re: Magic in Lost Odyssey

    About it's magic it is very easy and better to understand. It has three types of magic. White, black and spirit. And the forth magic is the composite, Which multiple all the magic and create a new effects. Before we use the magic we have to know it's spells. Many you can get from the shop, it is hard to reach the box in which there is a treasure.
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    Re: What is the features of Lost Odyssey

    In this we have to find the ring it is fine and better. We also have to craft the system as well. If you want you can create a new or alter the ring you have with you. You can make the ring as fast you got the right component with you. You get a different ring formulas every times. The skill is passive and selectable. Skill includes 3 white magic or the helpful thing like anti-poison, anti-sleep etc.

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