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Thread: Cooking in sims 3 for MOTO Q9h

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    Cooking in sims 3 for MOTO Q9h

    I am using a Motorola Blackberry-MOTO Q 9h. I have installed Sims 3 on it. But I am not that familiar with the game. My Sim tries to cook anything he is not able to do it. I do not know how to make Sim cook. It informs me My Sim doesn't know any Recipes. How to move forward? What should I do ?

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    Re: Cooking in sims 3 for MOTO Q9h

    I have played Sims2 on my Nokia N series- N97 mobile and enjoyed it alot. In Sims2 the character was first required to read some books or watch television or some other related house hold chores. Only then your Sim was able to do cooking. Try this in Sims3 to make your Sim to cook.

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    Re: Cooking in sims 3 for MOTO Q9h

    As with earlier Sim games i.e Sims and Sims 2 cooking is very important skill to be gained in Sims 3 also. You need to educate Sim anout cooking before he can do cooking. Purchase a bookcase make your Sim read a Cooking book from it. This will improve Sims skills for cooking. This skill of cooking in Sims 3 will determine how much Sim is satisfied with the meal.

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    Re: Cooking in sims 3 for MOTO Q9h

    Your Sim needs to first larn cooking in Sims3. Go to the Corsican Bistro and make a purchase for recipes for a meal. After Sim has purchased those recipes. Now your Sim will be advised accordingly as what Sim needs to pruchase to cook those meals. I enjoyed this game. I have earlier played Sims and Sims2 and they were really interesting. Sims3 is also a very interesting game.

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