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Thread: Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

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    Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

    Hi,, i have a Xbox 360 console at my home and am not able to watch Netflix videos on the same. While searching for some tips on this forum regarding the same i found this NetFlix bad video quality on Xbox . But that is also not much enough for my problem. Whenever i try to run Netflix Instant Watch my screen just goes black and it automatically redirect me to the dashboard. Do you guys have any suggestion regarding the same ? Please help me out too.

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    Re: Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

    I am not sure about the cause of this problem but i'll suggest you to make sure the requirements you need to watch Netflix videos on your Xbox 360 console. Here is what you need for the same:-

    1. An Xbox 360
    2. An Xbox Hard Drive or Xbox Memory Unit that has at least 5 Mb of available space
    3. An active, qualifying Netflix subscription
    4. An Xbox LIVE Gold account

    If you have all these things than try again. Click the "Watch Instantly" tab at the top of the Netflix site to find movies and television episodes available to watch instantly. Or search for titles to watch instantly by clicking the Watch Instantly tab, then typing a movie name into the search box at the top right of the Netflix page.

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    Re: Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

    The black screen while try to watch NetFlix videos occurs when the Netflix Instant Watch has become corrupted. If it is so than you might be also getting an error like 'The game could not start. Please download the game again.' If i am right than we have some troubleshoot in this scenario. Just go through these:-

    • In the Guide, select the Settings blade, and then select System Settings.
    • Select Memory.
    • Select Hard Drive or Memory Card.
    • Select Games.
    • Locate any select items that refer to “Netflix.”
    • Press the A button to delete the items.
    • Exit to the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
    • Open the Video Marketplace.
    • Select Netflix.
    • Confirm the download, and follow any on-screen prompts to reconfigure Netflix on your Xbox 360 console.

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    Re: Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

    To use your Xbox 360 as a Netflix-ready device, you must associate it with your Netflix account by activating it. Activation is a quick, one-time process. To set up Netflix on your Xbox 360, do the following:

    1. In the Xbox 360 Dashboard, move to the Video Marketplace, and select the show that is indicated by the Netflix logo.

    2. Select Confirm Download to download Netflix.

    3. As soon as the download finishes, select Play Now.

    4. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

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    Re: Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

    Thanks for sharing this useful info mate.. I was also having some similar issue with Netflix. Also i wanted to know is it possible to watch Netflix Movies on Pc through internet when i am unable to watch them on my Xbox 360 console? If yes, please let me know soon. Help appreciated...

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    Re: Not able to watch Netflix videos on Xbox 360

    Yes you can easily instantly watch movies streamed from Netflix over the Internet with the help of your pc. The ability to instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) streamed from Netflix to your PC is included with all plans. Choose from over 17,000 movies & TV episodes. With an Unlimited plan, you can watch as often as you want, anytime you want.

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