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Thread: half life 2 crashing on loading screen

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    half life 2 crashing on loading screen

    Hello , I seem to have an annoying problem with the half life 2 game, the Game is freezing Right at the LOADING screen and After that it crashes , the Game seem to be properly in the windowed mode but it cannot run in the full screen mode ,please help me and tell me what can be done here to solve my problem

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    Re: half life 2 crashing on loading screen

    It is recommended that you check the versions of the drivers currently installed on your system before looking for updates - please follow the instructions below to see which drivers are installed:
    1. Go to the Start button and select Run...
    2. Enter dxdiag and click OK to run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
    3. The tool will start on the System tab - check the System Information box for the Operating System
    4. Switch to the Display tab. In the upper left corner is a box named Device. The first three lines are the Name, Manufacturer, and Chip Type of your video hardware.
    5. Check the upper right-hand corner of this tab for a box named Drivers.
    6. The second line is the video driver Version number, and the third is the Date of release.
    7. Click "Exit" in the lower right hand corner of the window to close the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

    Use the Operating System, video card name & manufacturer, and driver version information to search your video card or computer manufacturer's site for updated drivers which will be compatible with your system.

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    Re: half life 2 crashing on loading screen

    You need to Rightclick HL2 in your STEAM folder , then goto the launch options and write -nosounds , If the game works with -nosounds then you need to Go into this folder Steam\"your account name"\half-life 2\bin folder. Copy the whole content of the \bin folder (approx. 17 mb) go back to your \half life 2 folder and paste. It sounds strange , but it solved the problem for me.

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    Re: half life 2 crashing on loading screen

    • 'Right-Click' the shortcut and go to 'Properties'.
    • Go to the 'Shortcut' Tab.
    • In the command line add '-no -dxlevel 90 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0' onto the end of the line.

    also try this Force a DirectX level
    This process may help with some older video cards - some users report the game will run faster, as well:

    • Open Steam
    • Go to the "My Games" tab
    • Right-click the game which needs to be reconfigured
    • Select "Properties" from the menu
    • Click the "Set launch options..." button
    • Add one of the DirectX level launch options specified below - be sure to include a space before the " - " and anything before it.

    DirectX Level Launch Options
    • -dxlevel 90 (DirectX v9.0)
    • -dxlevel 81 (DirectX v8.1)
    • -dxlevel 80 (DirectX v8.0)
    • -dxlevel 70 (DirectX v7.0)

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