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    Championship Manager 2010 Preview

    Would be the last installment in the coach that we will see that under the avalanche of figures and information, there is a game? Getting some answers ...

    The name you Roy Meredith is certainly unknown. This is clearly not the biggest star of the game. But it is clear that he is a man who believes in what he does and who can convince even the most recalcitrant, including the author of these lines-the merits of his work. And as he is CEO of Beautiful Game Studios, "what it does is to ensure the development of Championship Manager or if you prefer, The Coach. Come see the next installment of this title management team football Eidos will publish in early 2009, we are immediately faced with the enthusiasm of the man. In fact, when he threw us his business card. I must say that it is a true copy of a stamp collection that traded feverishly in the playground. Roy Meredith is represented in a football jersey portrait very inspired for years 50-60, parted on the side included. The humor of the same approach is taken to extremes in that cardboard is artificially aged naturally and has a yellow and small creases equally fictitious. Behind the ironic side, we felt immediately that nothing would be left to chance in the next installment in the series. And even if this first presentation was mainly the appearance of a long string of good intentions, understand that we could not get their hands on the game, the speech seemed to us informed, frank and necklace perfectly worthy of interest.

    First idea: admit that, until now, the coach was especially Powerpoint presentation that's true Thurs This is probably a little sore when the studio is responsible for development and that without doubt displease fans of the series but it must be recognized that the previous sections did little to attract shoppers. Then you erase everything and start again? Yes and no. In the fundamental principle, not radical change. The coach will always offer to ensure the success of a football team by beating a plethora of parameters. As I told Roy Meredith: "The ideas were good and they still are. It is their implementation leaves much to be desired." First will that led the development of this next opus: ensuring that all elements involved in the game have a consequence. Another idea: to dispose of the feeling of repetition. The list continues with the desire to offer something to distract from the games. And, finally, the most important constraints that have become members of the Beautiful Game: make their babies available. Yes, it should no longer be necessary to have returned the previous games or go through tedious hours of learning to appreciate the Coach.

    If we move away from philosophy to delve into the concrete, it must immediately recognize that the coach in 2009 is more beautiful than all his predecessors. Like the above PowerPoint presentation, real trite threadbare by those who have not succumbed to the virus, followed by a dressing that always the admission of its creators, is directly inspired by screens result matches Sky Sports. Welcome to the twenty-first century, The Coach! The march towards progress is echoed in a very practical option: the choice of subscribing to a particular thread of news, much like what we do in everyday reality. More questions have to suffer information overload screens before finding one that will give you an advantage over the team that will face your little guy at the next meeting. Now, if one is head of a team in Ligue 1, it will no longer be obliged to receive the brief on the possible transfer of striker CFA 2.

    The best part is, we will not be forced to select a particular category of news since it is the artificial intelligence that will handle the selection using the "zone" which will change our team. And keep an eye on the exploits of other teams, transfers or ranking of clubs will also be very simple. Suffice it to click in a box and fed continuously present in the lower left of the main screen. The tactical screen, where you prepare the actions of your players during the game has also benefited from some improvements, starting with the fact that all options needed to build a beautiful game are accessible via the button left mouse button. In a few clicks, you will indicate to your team where they need to go they have the ball at his feet or not, which teammate they will support or at what point they will return once the current action will come to an end.

    But the most obvious progress of the coach in 2009 will be visible in matches with the arrival of a new 3D engine. Exit the species included bowling players of previous versions. Arms pushed around shirts and legs fill the shorts now. In addition to taking human form, the players receive 500 animations come to life before our astonished eyes. It should be noted also that can follow the games by taking advantage of seven different camera angles. To complete the improvements in this phase of the game developers have even planned management of the public who will fill the stands. In fact, fans will be more or fewer depending on the importance of the meeting and the popularity of competing teams. For the good mouth, adding that 2009 will be the coach will also want more realistic on the thorny issue of price as good as the players. The amounts better reflect what is practical in real life, which should appease those who had noted in the previous games of financial fantasies out there who knows where. In summary, this next installment promises to be a real challenge.

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    Re: Championship Manager 2010 Preview

    Championship Manager 2010 System Requirements
    • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7800 2.6GHz / AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-56
    • Video Card: Nvidia Quadro FX 4600 / ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
    • RAM (Memory): 1 GB
    • Hard Drive Space: 5 GB
    • DirectX Version: 9

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