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Thread: Aliens Vs Predator Game Preview (Xbox 360, PS3)

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    Aliens Vs Predator Game Preview (Xbox 360, PS3)

    Announced shortly before E3 and announced in the wake, Aliens Vs Predator was also invited to Cologne on the Sega booth of course. The two representatives from the studio Rebellion present on this occasion we were pleased to unveil a first glimpse of the Alien campaign while providing some details about the character of the Navy. And at the end of this presentation, it is obvious that the fans should be served.

    As its name does not indicate, Aliens vs. Predator we propose to embody three races: the Alien and the Predator course, but also the Navy man. And indeed by him that this little introduction to the game started with an initial mission inside a space station attacked by the Aliens. We immediately found the atmosphere of the saga begun by Ridley Scott: from long, dark corridors lit by low lights in yellow and orange, scanning radar and beeps or the heady detonations so special machine guns, everything is there. Lacked thus more than a first contact with aliens swarming through the station to immerse themselves completely in this world faithfully transcribed.

    Lurking in the darkness, creatures designed by Giger benefit from any gray area to approach their prey. Using a torch or flare thrown at the slightest sign of a presence proves vital to prevent attacks. The title should play a lot on the contrast of shadow and light to install the player in an atmosphere oppression. To this has been further increased by the sacred pipe metal walls of the station, the distant howl of an unlucky fellow, the uproar caused by an Alien rushing through a pipe above our heads, and other effects staging rather successful. In sum, this first mission quite effectively married the atmosphere of the first three components of the saga Alien.

    Question gameplay, this year the Marine mechanics course the most classic. The SPF pure juice with primary and secondary weapon, grenades and the whole shebang. Besides the use of flare towers and automatic, the game does not seem to offer little new. Note nevertheless the importance of distance combat, CQB is obviously very risky. Instead, the campaign side Alien offers a lot of stuff. flush with the ground, the alien creature has a speed crazy, makes no difference between the floor and ceiling, jump easily from one to another and has a very broad vision.

    Indeed, thanks to a kind of "sixth sense", the Alien can detect prey beyond the walls. Competence meet a limited field of vision in its perspective "fisheye" inherited from Alien 3. While the Marine campaign turns on its action front, the Alien must sneak quietly and make its victims by surprise. Gameplay very directed infiltration which still offers its share of barbaric executions: the creature can impale their victims on his tail (sic), planting the latter in the throat or head, pull the trachea or to use his 'second' mouth to pierce the skull of the unfortunate who has finished in its claws. Discretion and sadism are the watchwords of this campaign.

    From a technical standpoint, both parties offer light plays very compelling. The colors black, yellow, red, orange and blue go very well, offering a very mixed record of the most beautiful effect. Suddenly, the simple modeling of the characters spends much better. The sound environment We felt very rich and should greatly participate in the immersion. In short, you'll understand that this first contact with Alien vs. Predator proved committed enough to make us want to see more. Hope atmosphere goes crescendo throughout the game!

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    Re: Aliens Vs Predator Game Preview (Xbox 360, PS3)

    You can unlock additional skins by reaching the following levels:
    • Marine / Gibson - Achieve Rank 02
    • Predator / Claw - Achieve Rank 03
    • Alien / Warrior Dome - Achieve Rank 04
    • Marine / Connor - Achieve Rank 05
    • Predator / Stalker - Achieve Rank 07
    • Alien / Ridged - Achieve Rank 10
    • Marine / Moss - Achieve Rank 13
    • Predator / Hunter - Achieve Rank 16
    • Alien / Praetorian - Achieve Rank 19
    • Marine / Johnson - Achieve Rank 22
    • Predator / Wolf - Achieve Rank 25
    • Marine / Rookie - Achieve Rank 28
    • Predator / Spartan - Achieve Rank 31
    • Alien / Nethead - Achieve Rank 34

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