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Thread: all secrets of assassins creeds messages revealed

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    all secrets of assassins creeds messages revealed

    What are all secrets of assassins creeds messages revealed in the end? Can anyone explain in detail what does all the signs means. As I have just started playing this game I think there are many secrets hidden in this game? I have heard that the game becomes into Call of Duty 4? Thanks for any information.
    Then he died; but he had neighter burial nor tomb, for so fiery was his spirit that it sped his body fell to ash and was borne away like smoke... Thus ended the mightiest of the Nolder.

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    Re: all secrets of assassins creeds messages revealed

    Refer to some similar topics made and suggestions given about the secrets that are revealed in the game from here:

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    Re: all secrets of assassins creeds messages revealed

    I am honeslty speaking that the ending is a quite disapointment as well as the whole sci-fi plot. I think that the sci-fi was used for one soul reason. so they could create assasinations, then move to the next one without messing around in between. which is exactly what it does...skips to the next memory every 5 seconds.. if you buy a game, you want to be able to play the whole thing...not skip half of it.

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    Re: all secrets of assassins creeds messages revealed

    Recently the general public was treated with a few trailers that were nothing short of amazing. In them we saw Altair moving through densely populated streets of people making his way to the innevitable end of a Crusader captain. After the deed was done, our antihero made a quick getaway via the roof tops of the Arabic town in a style reminiscent of the Prince of Persia series. Perhaps most quizzical of one of the trailers was the ending. It appeared Altair awoke on a slab in a modern, or perhaps even futuristic setting. This has been the cause of much debate among the gaming community following Assassin's Creed, and perhaps the secret has been ruined already.

    More information here.

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