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Thread: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

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    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

    The game was first mentioned the in Namco Bandai 2009 fiscal report. It was revealed that a new game was in development for both Xbox 360 and PS3, and that the game will be released the second quarter of the 2009-2010 fiscal year. A full announcement was featured May 2009 issue of V Jump magazine .

    The new DBZ propose at the end of the year to put on the face with more than 70 characters, including transformations. Most of them will unlock depending on how you play. Throughout the fighting, we relive with emotion the adventures of the saga Z.

    One of the new put forward during the presentation that we have witnessed is the possibility to continue the fight under water. So yes, a good balance of both fists on the head of his opponent to send in wave delivers a dramatic visual effect, but unfortunately, the fight in the aquatic environment does not change the gameplay. A shot in the water could not be said without humor. Fortunately, to compensate for this small disappointment, the refresh rate of sixty frames per second makes the game flow very much. For the first time in history, the animation speed exceeds that of the lively. So the development team had to begin to review in depth the animations of the characters. And at this level, the result is really convincing.

    New combination moves can now be utilized, allowing two characters to launch special attacks. New special attacks such as Super Dashes, Health Drain, Time Stop , Rocket Punch , and Wolf's Fang greatly add to the epic battles. There are also brand new environmental features such as new advanced interactions with the grounds of the battlefield. Enhanced destructible features such as rocks, mountains, and even the ground below are now fully breakable. The ground can now split, shatter, or just be obliterated. Players can now also throw enemies into rocks, causing the opponent to become trapped and defenseless to attack.They also have brought back the capsule system from previous games so players can customize their characters.

    Regarding the course of the game itself, it is familiar territory. Attacks normal wholesale Kamehameha that hurt and devastating combos, DBZ is the array output. Placing in the bath is even easier by using a button that brings our high-speed character of our opponent. Only problem at this stage of displacement, it is particularly vulnerable to fireballs ... Finally, it is also the case during the loading phase of Ki, energy needed to launch super-attacks, so the fans have been accustomed to the time these mechanics. And then with arenas now twice as large as those of last Tenkaichi Budokai, he'll have to play with the distances. Attention to the choice of character! To confront a pro melee, you can opt for a fighter like and play on his land, or rather choose a specialist in personal attacks at a distance and flee as soon as your opponent comes too close. But do not you have a problem facing the struggle remotely with a specialist in melee when fighting online.

    Difficult to get a clear idea of the next Dragon Ball yet. It is visually clear that the title holds the candle to its predecessors, but for the gameplay, the brief presentation and the lack of playable force us to the reserve pending a demonstration worthy of the name.

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    Re: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

    There have been some good games of Dragon Ball in recent years, and that's true or you are not yet a fan of the series. However, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is not one of those games. Sure, there are a lot of content, but bad stories are told (which alienates people still do not know) and the gameplay has many problems, many. Big DBZ fan can find something to like here, but you really need like Dragon Ball, in this case.

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