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Thread: Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Preview

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    Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Preview

    For years, the license Colin McRae made the delight of fans rallies. With DiRT, this famous series of racing games has taken a different direction we are proposing, in addition to racing against the clock usual, different types of tests. 2 with DiRT, Codemasters continues its momentum and this year we put in, once again, full view.

    This will give and Good View .

    But before entering the heart of the matter, we pause a moment on the edge of the runway, because that's where everything starts. Since our van, we can manage our small business (Missions, Statistics, relations, co-pilots) to take part in some multiplayer racing, navigating in the Extras area, or to choose the next test that we want to participate (DiRT Tour). On the outside of our house on wheels, we can choose or buy different types of vehicles (Rally, Rally Cross, Bolide, Baja Series Raid T1, Trophy Trucks, Class1 Buggy), we keep informed about current races, and change course options (Controls, Display, Steering wheel, etc.).. Once the tour of the completed, we will finally begin our pilot career.

    Lean in terms of content, the preview version we have in the hands will still give us an excellent overview of what will the final version of the game It is therefore natural that we take the direction of DiRT Tour after creating the pilot who will accompany us throughout this adventure (to choosing the first name that other drivers will speak in small sentences that you start in the race). Five destinations (Mexico, Morocco, London, Croatia, Japan), and as many different events we are now waiting (Rally, Rally Cross, Trailblazer, etc.).. After choosing the location of our future exploits, modified various parameters (degree of difficulty, management of the damage, setting vehicles), chosen our vehicle, we can finally enter the heart of the matter.

    Each type of test allows us to get behind the wheel of different styles of vehicle behavior. Somewhat limited, our preview version even gives us the opportunity to test all vehicles available in each category. We can then very quickly the importance of choosing the car (three basic settings: max., Acceleration, handling) before entering the arena. Even if for the moment the difficulty is not yet calibrated at best, a small and less in speed or acceleration can make us lose the race.

    An element to be taken into account in the final version because, of course, is the accumulation of races, earnings generated, but also the level of our driver (each race is entitled to experience, while as a number of maneuvers in the race) that will allow us to access even more fun to drive cars and fast on the track. The grip talk about precisely. Here, it is not about to challenge us to keep the car on the track, but to enable us to fight the best against our adversaries in time (the number varies depending on events). Opponents always there to give us thread twisting, including the Rally events (enemy vehicles on the track). Colin McRae DiRT 2 is therefore easier to take over.

    Let us then make sure to set the best our car via the settings down to their simplest device (gear: long or short, support: high or low suspensions: firm or soft, the ground bass or high, etc..), or to take account of the damage to our vehicle. No matter thus darken in the heap at the first turn! It is far from a simulation itself, although different parameters do not allow us to place DiRT 2 in the range of arcade games. Like Race Driver Grid, Codemasters title thus positioning itself between these two categories of car racing games, and games to delight fans of sports cars, and here, the fans off-road racing first.

    Of course, ownership does not stop there. A game should be accessible but also, especially when it is played on a console so-called new generation, be pleasant to the eyes. Here is the vamp! For it must be said, the graphics engine owner Codemasters has evolved in the right direction. Everything is made here to put full sight of the first few seconds of racing. The modeling of vehicle reflects finally managed in real time, the many projections of water that require us to use the wipers for domestic, through the magnificent scenery of winding roads of Croatia, Colin McRae DiRT 2 is a wonder every time we take the wheel.

    Even if we have access to only very few courses in this version, the latter allow us to fully appreciate the work done. Of course, one could find the small beast by talking about the very visible aliasing, an inside view of some limit, a car ever closer to a hovercraft as a vehicle with four wheels or the poor quality of some textures (including vehicles), but this would ignore the many other qualities of the game.

    Beginning with the sensations. The fluidity of the animation helps to give us a very good impression of speed, not to mention that even if it can be exhilarating, check from time to time prevent us from completely ruining our car. To this we can add opponents always there for us complicate the task (not yet calibrated difficulty in our version), a wide range of proposed tests, a sound quality (, custom dialogs, engine sounds, comments racing drivers, etc..), the presence of an immediate replay (number limited by the difficulty level chosen) to repair its mistakes, or even some small customization options (paints, dashboard toys, toys windshield).


    As you can see, we were completely excited about our first turns of the wheel, even if the version we had in the hands was rather mild in terms of content. Obviously, there is many small things to improve (as we have clarified the developers), but the fact remains that Colin McRae DiRT 2 sends already heavy! Now only hope that all the little problems encountered are corrected and, more importantly, that the system of advance (we had a rather promising preview) matches up to our expectations. This is a title that may well make you spend many hours off the beaten path.

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    Re: Colin McRae: DiRT 2 Preview

    You can adjust various aspects of performance of the car depending on the type of track that is competing in suspension as loose and a higher height is better suited to rough terrain and shorter shifting means you will accelerate faster around the winding track with fewer lines. As for the tuning options go, there is less depth than some previous titles McRae or even a comprehensive imitation similar to Gran Turismo or Forza.

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