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Thread: Latest Final Fantasy on DS

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    Latest Final Fantasy on DS

    I was thinking of buying some new games for my DS, I got my eyes on few ,, i would like to knwo hows the latest Final Fantasy , can i get a review of it or a preview or some overview of the Ds which got this game . Thank you

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    Re: Latest Final Fantasy on DS

    I think the latest DS Final Fantasy game would be the crystal chronicles echoes of time , The game was released in Japan on January 29, 2009. The North American version was released on March 24, 2009

    A small overview

    The protagonist of the game returns from a forest where he/she battled a great number of monsters to celebrate his/her sixteenth birthday and coming-of-age ceremony. Upon completion, a cat-girl named Sherlotta rewards him/her with a personal crystal. The hero returns home to find a young village girl, Eryll, suffering from "crystal sickness". The hero then sets out to find a cure for the disease. However, he/she is unaware that outside his village lies a world where crystals are merely artifacts of the past and no longer exist.

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    Re: Latest Final Fantasy on DS

    I have played this game and the conclusion would be :

    With the branch of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Square Enix had from the outset will provide the public with a multiplayer experience and cross-platform. The idea took shape with Echoes of Time, the owners of Wii and DS versions can participate in the adventure simultaneously. Too bad there is ultimately little change compared with Ring of Fates. However, this DS version is very convincing and succeed without worries you.

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    Re: Latest Final Fantasy on DS

    , the level-design and riddles tortuous twisted adventure sometimes difficult to complete. Even when we know what the game expects of us, the timing and accuracy needed to handle some of the mechanisms are so tight that one is obliged to repeat x-times to succeed. Things become more complicated with the appearance of books that generate magic spells need indirectly with the guide ring sights. In short, all this makes unnecessarily tedious progression would have benefited from being more intuitive and less complicated at times.

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