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Thread: How to Enter Cheats Into Vba

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    How to Enter Cheats Into Vba

    Hello , I have Vba downloaded and install in my Computer , i want to enter the Cheats in the emulator , Can you tell me How Can i Enter the cheats in my Vba(Visual Boy Advance) , please help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to Enter Cheats Into Vba

    in the Vba , There Is Cheats menu, click it then go to the Cheat List option. When you click on the cheat list , it will show you the list of available cheats and there must be option that will allow you add new codes, not only but also remove and disable the cheats codes as and when required

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    Re: How to Enter Cheats Into Vba

    it is very simple, you go into cheats> cheat list> then you will be needed enter your code depending on its type , then click gameshark/code breaker , if its a gameshark or codebreaker code and paste the code that you would be having with you

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