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Thread: Scarface gang map

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    Scarface gang map

    I am playing scarface on my PS2 and i am stuck at get riding of all the gang , i am having trouble on finding all the gang in the area can some one give me a maps in existence that can reveal the locations of all gangs .

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    Re: Scarface gang map

    Scarface: The World Is Yours begins in the last scene of the film, where Tony Montana is being attacked by Sosa's assassins. The player takes control of Tony, who then kills all the assassins, including the one who kills Tony in the film. His last surviving men inform him that the police and the DEA have arrived and raided the mansion, causing Tony to escape through an underground passage. He arrives in an undisclosed location, and begins making his recovery from the assassins' attack.

    i think this will help you :

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    Re: Scarface gang map

    The game takes place during the ending of Scarface, albeit on the premise that Tony was able to avoid being killed. Forced to fight his way out, he kills Alejandro Sosa's assassins and escapes. Sosa is contacted by his men on how Tony's empire is no more and how it is now split into pieces. Tony swears off cocaine and makes a vow to make up for his mistakes and kill Sosa.

    Tony decides to contact one of his former lawyers, George Sheffield. The Vice decides to cut Tony a discounted deal to give his mansion back to him (albeit at its ruined state). After a reunion with one of his dealers Felix, Tony begins rebuilding his empire. The first task is to make a new bank account which will be monitored closely by Vice if he steps out of line with the cops as well as stealing a satellite phone from Gaspar Gomez's personal guard to make calls back to his thugs to deliver his car or to call his henchmen or just to make delivery calls.

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    Re: Scarface gang map

    after u get ur mansion back dont in yet go in through the trap door place in the back and u get an m16

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