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Thread: Steam accounts disabled

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    Steam accounts disabled

    I wanted to play cs source and I log in to steam and then the following message: Your Steam account has been disabled .. I paid for the steam software, and have been playing online since i purchase it, I don't know why they has been disabled my account ?

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    Re: Steam accounts disabled

    Check the contact e-mail address for your Steam account to see if Steam Support has contacted you regarding the reason your account was disabled - accounts may be temporarily disabled pending verification of purchase information or account ownership. Contact Steam Support. Only they can help you with your issue.

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    Re: Steam accounts disabled

    There may be some reason thats why Steam account has been deactivated. which has don't use cheats. Steam Accounts are blocked, eg if you've tried, with false credit card details in what to buy Valve (for example, the CS: CZ to the beta from source to be able to play).

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    Re: Steam accounts disabled

    Create a Support Ticket
    Go the Steam support page click the contact support button ( located at the top left). Don't enter Steam account information it will not work. Fill the applicable fields, upload necessary attachments after completing click "Submit Question".

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