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Thread: PSP clock rate

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    PSP clock rate

    what does clock rate do? does it help to increase the speed of the PSP ?Or it is just for show can any one tell me what the hell is this ?
    thanks for the reply

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    Re: PSP clock rate

    It is the speed which a microprocessor executes instructions. you will find it in computer contains an internal clock which instructions are executed and synchronizes all the various computer components. Your psp CPU need a number of clock cycle for execute each instruction. The faster the clock, the more instructions the CPU can execute per second.

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    Re: PSP clock rate

    You will see Clock speeds in megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz ((GHz). internal architecture of a CPU as involved much more in it with CPU's performance as the clock speed, a two CPUs with the same clock speed does not preform equally.

    The psp uses clock speed to run various app's, games, and programs. it calculate the rate at which the programs run the psp system. Some programs will take more and some programs will take less clock speed on nes emulator running on 222MHz, You can easily see a psx emulator running at 333MHz .Its the power at which these programs run on the psp system.

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    Re: PSP clock rate

    CPU manufacturers typically charge premium prices for CPUs that operate at higher clock rates. For a given CPU, the clock rates are determined at the end of the manufacturing process through actual testing of each CPU. CPUs that are tested as complying with a given set of standards may be labeled with a higher clock rate, e.g., 1.50 GHz, while those that fail the standards of the higher clock rate yet pass the standards of a lesser clock rate may be labeled with the lesser clock rate, e.g., 1.33 GHz, and sold at a relatively lower price
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