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Thread: BF2 Crashes while joining a server

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    BF2 Crashes while joining a server

    I had installed BF2 in my system recently. It works great if I play in single layer. The game usually crashes when I try to join a server. The first time when it was connected to a system I enter the settings to change something. Suddenly at that moment the games crashed. Now when I play in single player it works. But in when I try to join a multiplayer server weather online or on LAN the games does not work. Help.

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    Re: BF2 Crashes while joining a server

    Try to update your sound and video drivers. The issue can be due to them. When you join a server your audio and video drivers were not be able to load properly. Update them to latest. And also check your firewall. Turned it off while playing. If you have any other security feature turned it off while playing.

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    Re: BF2 Crashes while joining a server

    I was facing the same problem which are now in. In my case I had installed an audio decoding tool in my system. The tool was the error for that. If you have any audio application in your system which loads an virtual audio device remove it. Also try to get patch for your game. Battlefield is a popular game. I hope you can download any patch which can fix the issue.

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    Re: BF2 Crashes while joining a server

    Do one thing. Uninstall the game and install it back again. Go to start menu and click on control panel. Click on Add/Remove program option. Look for KB917422 name application. It is windows xp security update. It is a security patch installed in your system by automatic update. It is downloaded automatically to your system. If you see then remove it. Now run your game back and connect to a server.

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