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Thread: Left 4 Dead 2 Preview

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    Left 4 Dead 2 Preview

    The Seattle developer has actually taken everyone by revealing short, during the Microsoft conference, the arrival in November 2 Left 4 Dead on PC and Xbox 360. Given the success of the first series, the development of a sequel was inevitable, but why so rush? Why releasing a sequel one year after the first series? Why not be limited to the additional political content? So many questions which we tried to find answers by playing the two versions of the game and, the head of the studio communication.

    "As a hurricane ..."

    Being clear from the outset, nothing that we have discovered during this E3 does indeed justify the release of a suite at a high price ... Yet the news already presented and the promise of ads still to come are significantly temper the anger of the fans who spoke before the first real information is not disclosed. First, it should bend the blow to some gossip that directly followed the Microsoft conference, "Yes, Left 4 Dead 2 is well in New Orleans, but the city has many places very different from each other so that the contents of 2 Left 4 Dead will be richer than its predecessor.

    If Valve does not detail exactly what yet, five campaigns will complete the program. These campaigns also have the good taste to be playable in any mode, versus and survival included! Better, Valve should take advantage of the summer (probably early July) to announce a new multi completely new, which, according to Doug Lombardi, alone justifies the development of a suite rather than a simple extension .. . Not sure whether you are in complete agreement when the time comes, but give him the benefit of the doubt! Another rumor which should provide a disclaimer: Left 4 Dead 2 does not propose that maps "sunny."

    The two maps (The Dock and The Park) The campaign of the Parish we have discovered is very colorful, but other places and other lighting will be the program to offer the even more variety than in Left 4 Dead. It is also to integrate some weather without knowing, however, what it is. More, these new campaigns will have a kind of narrative logic with each other while the whole scenario takes place after Left 4 Dead's first name with a new group of survivors: Coach, the wholesale arm sports Nick and his impeccable suit, Ellis and the mechanic's daughter Rochelle / black service.

    These survivors will always reach the extraction point of a zone divided into five steps and they can count on a complete overhaul of the weapons of first series, recognize that what we have seen is more like new skins that a real new weapons: new uzi, rifle a new pump ... In total, it should be available twenty weapons among which are fortunately some originality: it is actually about melee weapon (baseball bat, ax, a frying pan, chainsaw ...). Quite close to each other, these weapons are characterized by their effectiveness, especially against bosses.

    However, it is important to clarify that it is impossible to keep his weapon melee when one takes up a weapon (gun, machine gun therefore) in hand. This limitation is perhaps a little to preserve the boss. Bosses together, those that exist already, in addition, three new. These new ones, we have discovered that the Charger, a sort of crazy-mad which darkens on the group to separate the survivors and focus on one of them with powerful attacks in melee. In addition to the boss, some new zombies "minor" bring a little variety: The campaign on the Parish, we have seen in combination with Hazmat types that have a protection against fire.

    Suffice it to say that against them, it is not useful to use the incendiary ammunition as part of a Valve Left 4 Dead 2. These minutes (limited number) are however very effective against other infections, including bosses. Note finally to end this boss as Valve is expected to announce soon a few other little things as we have already noticed a major change on the Witch: it always reports its presence by a few tears, but now she walks through the cards instead of staying still. This change is accompanied by many changes in the "direction" of the zombies through the AI Director.

    With Left 4 Dead 2, it is now in version 2.0 and it will take longer to play really appreciate the changes made: it seems to matter to better appreciate the choices made by players in particular not being able to "camp". The zombies should respawn with more intelligence then it seems to incorporate several route maps. Finally, the AI Director v2.0 should be able to change the atmosphere of cards via the management of day / night cycle and weather ... Still, there no longer, we have not really been able to consider "on coins." Ultimately, the novel aspects of Left 4 Dead 2 are real, but it seems to be much more to make edits to really rethink the game.

    Suddenly, even the announcement of gore, to dismember the enemies without killing or that the maps created for Left 4 Dead 1 will be compatible, it is difficult for the time to share the enthusiasm of Doug Lombardi for a game can be found on PC and Xbox 360 on 20 November in Europe. Via Steam, it comes to a price of 40 euros and if Doug Lombardi did not want confirmed "officially", it seems possible that Left 4 Dead is integrated in 1 second series ... Hopefully while a special offer is available to purchasers of the first series, but still, nothing excluded, Doug Lombardi has nothing to confirm ... Patience, therefore, we will know more very soon!

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    Re: Left 4 Dead 2 (Preview)

    Just the scam, why not just make an addon rather than a new game? How big joke on the part of valve?

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