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Thread: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Preview

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    MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Preview

    After two very strong episodes PS3, MotorStorm tackles the PSP. But moving from a high definition console to a portable machine does not mean that the ambitions have been scaled down. Bartering the sets precedents opus for the land set aside in Alaska, Arctic Edge has what it takes to seduce lovers of offroad racing.

    In good MotorStorm, Arctic Edge offers a wide range of heterogeneous vehicles. There are the buggies, quads, 4x4 and other bikes of previous episodes, in addition to two new families: snowmobiles and snowcat (large tracked vehicle that you may have had the opportunity to see in ski). In all, 24 devices are available (3 in each of 8 categories). Note that their appearance can be customized through an editor (rims, colors, stickers ...). Pimp my snowcat tomorrow on your PlayStation Portable.

    In terms of driving, it is obviously very fun and arcade, trademark of the series. The boost was kept: you can trigger a turbo any time, but be careful not to overheat the machine under penalty of explosion! Fortunately, the circuits contain wetlands or snow that can cool the engine. While we're at cause strokes, note that they are divided into three environments depending on the altitude at which we are. At the bottom is rather muddy, top frankly is frozen, while in the middle are the intermediate circuit, mixing portions of land and snow. In places, there is even a sort of bobsled tracks, ramps completely frozen and very slippery. The ideal place to try to go 360 or even 720, exploits that will be rewarded with badges, Arctic Edge with a system of success that unlocks the performance bonus (characters, etc.)..

    Still on the circuit, remember that there are 12, each of which can be used in both directions. They often offer several alternative paths. Indeed, they may evolve in the game thanks to the destruction of the decor, very useful to get rid of opponents. Stuck a little too closely by a prosecutor? Take an ice bridge and it will collapse after your passing. Want a small cataclysm? A good horn and an avalanche that is tumbling. This will be supported by a Content Therefore: varied game modes, multiplayer local or online at 8 (against 10 to 12 pilots solo) ... There will be what to do at the exit of the title, expected this fall. To conclude, also include the PS2 version. She was not present at the show, but the developers have assured us it was almost identical to the portable version, except that the online multi will be replaced by a mode in split screen. If the black monolith throne in your living room yet, so you can also taste the joys of MotorStorm.

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    Re: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Preview


    1: PS2 Version - Standard Configuration
    • Directional Pad - Steer
    • Left Analog Stick - Steer
    • Right Analog Stick - Move Camera
    • X Button (X) - Boost
    • Square Button ([]) - Horn/Taunt/Attack (Vehicle Dependant)
    • Triangle Button (/\) - Change Camera Angle
    • Circle Button (O) - Handbrake
    • L1 Button - Brake/Reverse
    • L2 Button - Brake/Reverse
    • R1 Button - Accelerate
    • R2 Button - Accelerate
    • Start Button - Pause Game
    • Select Button - Reset Vehicle to Track

    2: PSP Version - Standard Configuration

    • Directional Pad - Move Camera
    • Analog Stick - Steer
    • X Button (X) - Boost
    • Square Button ([]) - Horn/Taunt/Attack (Vehicle Dependant)
    • Triangle Button (/\) - Change Camera Angle
    • Circle Button (O) - Handbrake
    • L Button - Brake/Reverse
    • R Button - Accelerate
    • Start Button - Pause Game
    • Select Button - Reset Vehicle to Track

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