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Thread: Nintendo DS adult games

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    Nintendo DS adult games

    Can you give the name of some Adult game that can be played on Nintendo DS. There are many adult games for pc, play station and Xbox 360. thank you

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    Re: Nintendo DS adult games

    Hi there are some adult games which you can play on your Nintendo. you can play Teenage Queen NDS, Strip Rock Paper Scissors (XParano), Virus DS (Kukulcan), TickleGirl, Ya Ya XX (N64Francois).

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    Re: Nintendo DS adult games

    You can also play games like Peek-A-Boo Poker!, Bubble Bath Babes!, Hot Slots, Brothers In Arms is also an adult game,. also games like Surgical Unit, Trauma Center, and the dating simulators considered as an adult games.

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    Re: Nintendo DS adult games

    There are not many but some you can try like GTA: Chinatown Wars. The game follows the GTA theme offering you good levels and nice gameplay also. One more game you can test is Dementium series. This game is also not bad. It is a horror shooting game. The game give you different weapon to use and also you can try many weapons. And the last one I will recommend you is Resident Evil. It is popular horror game which is also available on huge number of platform.

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    Re: Nintendo DS adult games

    If you are looking for real adult game then you can test out Ultimate Sliding Puzzle (Pack Ecchi). This is a puzzle game in which you will have to arrange a image. The second one you can try is Hentai DS. This game is also quiet popular and it is available for Nintendo. And if you are searching for action fighting game then you can go for Mortal Combat. This is also a amazing game with great options. You can try out different fighting skills to defeat a enemy.

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