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Thread: My pc Crash while playing wow

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    My pc Crash while playing wow

    My pc is crashing while im playing wow. 2 day ago i changed my MB and Cpu. For sure i format and reinstall everyting.
    here is my info of my PC:

    CPu Duo core Intel 3.00Ghz
    MB P5Q SE
    DDR2 3ghz (1+1+.512+.512)
    Video card X800 pro 512mb
    Power supply: 300w

    Window XP, (i can't update it from Window update)

    When im playing wow my pc reboot but nothing appear on my screen , my button power who is usualy blue become orange, When i press my button reset it doesnt reset instantly its event pretty hard to restart normally, i need to hold my Start button 5-8sec to close it and press it again to restart.

    Anyone can help me with this?
    Thx a lot
    PS : sorry for my english its not my first language

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    Re: My pc Crash while playing wow

    Do you have all the drivers? Like importantly graphics card drivers. Also get a 400 or 450 Watt Power Supply. Might help you.

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    Re: My pc Crash while playing wow

    Basically the 300w power supply is minimum recommendation for the system. You are running a high end graphic game. Your system configuration looks enough capable to compile with it. The problem can be either in the power supply for the sound / music drivers. Try to play the game while keeping the sound off. If nothing happens then there is definitely a sound driver mess. Update it. After just check out for the power supply . If you use 400 to 500w PSU of good quality then things can work much better. Second thing there must be a error log in c:\programs files\world of worcraft\errors. Look at the log file you will get an basic idea about the problem.

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