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Thread: Rumor: Call Of Duty 7 already in production?

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    Rumor: Call Of Duty 7 already in production?

    The information is obviously not confirmed by Activision, but the development of Call of Duty 7 has already begun.

    To be able to offer a game Call Of Duty per year, Activision is working, in turn, its teams Infinity Ward and Treyarch. In general, the first looking for new concepts, innovations that bring the second then reuse the following year for an album a little more "routine".

    It was again the case with Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare / Call Of Duty: World At War and the two studios will be logically involved in achieving the next opus in the series. It is more surprising to learn today that Call Of Duty 7 is already in production over a year and a half before its theoretical output.

    While there are about ten days we were echoed rumors about the theater of the FPS still very unclear (see the brief 7 Call of Duty in Vietnam, Cuba or Africa?), We have today the "confirmation" that the development of Call of Duty 7 did started: his profile on LinkedIn, David Kim, senior animator at Treyarch, said he is currently working on the game ..

    Although Activision likes to keep the mystery bet that in such circumstances, the first information should not delay too.

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    Re: Rumor: Call Of Duty 7 already in production?

    Call of Duty game out every year thanks to Treyarch and Infinity Ward but already on projectionists COD Modern warfare 2,,, call of duty 7 might be longer than the other

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