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Thread: Superstars V8 Racing (Preview)

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    Superstars V8 Racing (Preview)

    Having presented a rather promising SBK 09, the studio is Black Bean gear with four wheels on the last generation of consoles. The racing game is a rather well-sector supply-even overloaded, make both original and quality is the watchword in order to give the player a real alternative in the midst of all these beautiful bodies.

    Winning a license to be known

    The head of the Commission Black Bean has not turned around the bush a long time: to exist in the mid-exclusive titles for consoles (Sony GT5 Prologue, Forza 2 for Xbox 360) and other multi-media (Race Driver GRID for example), it will not only propose a title that can stand out but also include it as the beginning of a project to collect a maximum of licensing official. The goal is to provide gaming increasingly comprehensive and attractive the player, and finally enjoy an early recognition with the public. A long-term strategy in fact.

    The first to do is paste Superstars V8 Racing, a racing game on tracks based on the license Supertourisme Italian championship. Compete more discreet than the WTCC or DTM in our countries, but has the qualities (if you have the chance, watch the broadcast of these races on Motors TV). The perfect balance between the gentlemen and the driver stock car.

    Inevitably, with such promises, it's envy. And on TV as in the game, the fight, true! The artificial intelligence was thought in this direction and should leave little room to maneuver properly. Find the ideal path near a competitor can quickly become difficult. Between penalties for drivers who rely too much on the bodies of others (speed limit for a few seconds) and the risk of a head-to-tail, the tension on the track is palpable. Especially that the opponents will be vindictive and do not hesitate to return the favor, they sometimes take the initiative to begin hostilities bumper!

    V8 Racing Superstars not only of the crumpled sheet: sensitivity in the conduct is necessary. The foot to the floor before the rope or braking wheels steered to lead a walk on the gravel or sand. Even in the mode of difficulty most affordable (four difficulty modes in total) should keep in mind the basics of automobile simulation. Everything is a matter of mix and triggers on fait with practice . And for the addicted to flying, the game will be compatible with the vast majority of them from the official Microsoft 360 for the Logitech G25, through the many models Thrustmaster.

    "The game will be playable by up to 12 multi-player online."

    In terms of content, with the official license of the V8 Superstars, it will be entitled to 19-Supertourisme vehicles from the 2008 competition - including BMW M5, BMW 550, the Audi RS4, etc.. Behavior obviously differ depending on the vehicle: the four-wheel drive an Audi will be an advantage in the turns and exits curves where a BMW patina, and conversely the nervousness of Bavaria will be an important asset in times of and fast. It is surrounded by 18 other furious on 10 channels. Seven are in Italy (Monza and Mugello for instance), but it will also have the track in Valencia, Spain, Portimao circuit in Portugal and Kyalami in South Africa.

    The game will be playable by up to 12 multi player online. Black Bean has some reservations about the presence of a local multiplayer mode. The qualitative loss in the game caused by the latter forces the publisher some adjustments to determine its presence or not. Solo V8 Racing Superstars merely of basic gameplay modes: Single Race (one chooses his car, his circuit, weather, and rolls), the unique event involving tests, qualifications and the race on the circuit of his choice, and finally the season. You will also discover the 'Superstars Licenses where we participate in races with specific objectives to be achieved: to obtain a position at any cost, a rival to beat, etc.. No eccentricity on the game modes, maybe we will have a little originality with the latter.

    " Black Bean has benefited from the experience and the opinion of several championship teams in order to improve the overall record"

    Technically Superstars Racing V8 engine takes advantage of graphical SBK 09. After two hours of play in the editor, it must be admitted that such a level of quality animations and lighting effects (reflections of water on the runway, flare and dirt on the body, relief traces of tires off-road) in a preview version is a good omen. It is difficult in the preview version to really see the case on the body even after a crash at 200 km / h. We are promised, however, other significant parameters such as the bursting of a tire overheating, for example.

    Differences with the superbike game appear in the physics engine, slightly modified to have a racing sensation accentuated. Black Bean has also benefited from the experience and the opinion of several championship teams in order to improve the overall record for most closely matches the perception that the real perpetrators of these car races. The various possibilities of setting (ratios of gearbox, power, compression and rebound suspensions, tire types ...) can win the precious seconds that will make the difference on the final ranking. The game promises to provide immersive sensations.

    "The intensity and realism will be honored."

    Finally, the title of Black Bean does not float with a large number of courses and opportunities seems to be limited to a single competition (a few civilian vehicles are never too much to vary the pleasures), but it will certainly ingame pleasant experience. This is life as the major unknown, but nevertheless it seems almost certain that any simulation fan of the car should have in its games, failing to miss a game promising. The intensity and realism will be honored.

    Published by Codemasters, Racing V8 Superstars register appears as the first in a long series of games of alternative courses of quality. Moreover, the game released in late June, literally quiet period at the output of sets of cars. Another significant point: that it would cost fifty euros for the console versions (PS3 and 360) and slightly less for the PC version. For a first shot in the class, offering a less expensive Black Bean should help to position themselves in the midst of competition already in place and sharp.

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    Superstars V8 Racing Release Date 28 June

    Announced in early April by Codemasters, Superstars V8 Racing is a racing game developed by Milestone and published by Black Bean. Expected on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, it should be available on 28 June.

    In the meantime you can drive one of several vehicles available on a proposed route (Portinao, Kyalami, Monza, Mugello, Valencia, Vallezunga, Misano, etc..).

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