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Thread: Warcraft 2 on latest mac book

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    Warcraft 2 on latest mac book

    i have got my new macbook and looking to play some game if I wanted the old games like warcraft 2, is that compatible with the latest mac book. or is there any way to play it ?

    thank you

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    Re: Warcraft 2 on latest mac book.

    If you play in Windows, yes, but for Mac the Mac was OS 9, there's been no Warcraft2 support for mac os x to my knowledge. Maybe the windows version runs under crossover, but I have not tried it.

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    Re: Warcraft 2 on latest mac book.

    At the risk of saying a big mistake, there was not a combination to install OS9 on the latest mac? In any case, does War2 with OS9, otherwise it remains on the shelf.

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    Re: Warcraft 2 on latest mac book.

    try an emulator , it's always easier to emulate windows on a Macintosh to emulate Mac OS 9. or just try using a windows version with DOSBox it works right..

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    Re: Warcraft 2 on latest mac book.

    DOSBox is a DOS emulator, a priori, I doubt that it is sufficient to war2

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    Re: Warcraft 2 on latest mac book.

    Under DOSBox, but it works as I tested it there some time, I could not tell if it is reliable.
    Under SheepShaver (Mac OS9 Emulation on Mac OSX), it offers fluid losses.
    CrossOver same thing with a few graphical effects in less ...
    The best is still the Windows version, where it is not any problem, except when you play online with the opening of ports and redirect to your emulation (unless you use BootCamp).
    Well here I ramble a bit, but overall it is (unfortunately) Windows that prevails ... or an old machine running OS9

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