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Thread: Street Fighter IV for PC releasing on July 3

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    Street Fighter IV for PC releasing on July 3

    Available since the end of February on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the whole world, Street Fighter IV sees its exit on PC being specified with great steps. It is indeed next on July 3 which the Japanese editor will announce the famous coming out date, which should be this summer blast according to our last tracks. In margin of the date, Capcom could also rule on the offer which could accompany this version PC. It would be indeed of good tone to make it possible to players PC to acquire the best play of baston of the year accompanied by stick (S) arcade, particularly necessary when one has only the good old man duet keyboard/mouse. Answer on May 1 thus.

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    re: Street Fighter IV for PC releasing on July 3

    I am conscious that they take more time to develop the game on PC. But I have evil desire with street fighter even if this news is very unsuccessful.

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    re: Street Fighter IV for PC releasing on July 3

    Finally true plays of the game on PC! I have tested it on xbox 360 and it really is awesome…

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    A date announced for Street Fighter IV on PC

    We had to wait long for Capcom has finally decided to drop a release date for Street Fighter IV PC. So done because according to the press site Capcom title will be available on 3 July this year. Remember for those who have missed our complete directed at the Captivate'09, that we could try the PC version this time of parts (a good fifty to be quite honest).

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    Re: Street Fighter IV for PC releasing on July 3

    You are so right it makes us stick to it and its that type of game play which make its different from any other game. It is one of the Classics Street Fighter IV preview

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