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Thread: Tweak for Crysis and Crysis Warhead

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    Tweak for Crysis and Crysis Warhead

    Tweak for Crysis and Crysis Warhead

    The Pydon's Shaders Tweak was created to improve the fluidity of Crysis through various optimizations. It allows you to play with a record close of modes "High" or "Very High" with a level of performance well above the original game. This tweak is compatible with all versions of Crysis (demo, single player mode and multi-player) and does not alter your original files. Installation and uninstallation are automatically in a few seconds and require no technical knowledge. Although it was originally created for Crysis and it has only been tested in detail with Crysis, the tweak is compatible with Crysis Warhead.

    Improvements after using Pydon's Shaders Tweak

    • Improves the framerate up to 33% in "High" and 50% in "Very High"
    • Increases the density of vegetation
    • Increases the distance to the rocks and vegetation
    • Improves water quality
    • Improves the quality of distant textures (bug of the original game)
    • Greatly improves performance in combat
    • Removes the blur, except for explosions and a low standard of living
    • Withdraw the ambient occlusion


    Version with installer

    • Run the installer
    • Make sure the installation directory is that of Crysis and Crysis Warhead ( "C: \ Program files \ ... \ Crysis Warhead" for example)
    • Start the game

    Version without installer

    • Place the file "system.cfg" the "high effect" or "very high effects directly in the directory of Crysis or Crysis Warhead (" C: \ Program files \ ... \ Crysis "for example)
    • Start the game

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    Re: Tweak for Crysis and Crysis Warhead


    The benchmarks for the CPU and GPU integrated into Crysis serve as reference for comparison screenshots. The Crysis Benchmark Tool has made screenshots of all the 150 images. The "very high tweak with" corresponds in fact to "High" with effects "Very high" the most important activated, namely sunshafts, the parallax, the color grading and the Fast Fourier Transform water. However, nothing prevents you from using this tweak with the real mode "Very high", you will also benefit enhancements.

    The motion blur mode "High" seems to erase the aliasing on some catches, but this effect is visible on the screenshots taken in motion. Made in static motion blur has no effect on aliasing.

    The "Very High" activates the parallax which allows for better on certain terrain textures, including the basement. However, its activation reduces the signal quality anisotropic filtering dynamic. This problem is due to the management of filtering textures by Crysis, it is not linked to the changes introduced by the tweak.

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