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Thread: First info on Fallout 4

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    First info on Fallout 4

    If Bethesda has never made any secret of his desire to continue his work on the Fallout franchise, it is still too early to have information on the scenario of the game or its content. It is interesting to see that Todd Howard had already left to go to some small confidences.

    Through an interview with our MTV Multiplayer, the executive producer of Fallout 3 actually reported having taken account of comments from players and the question "What lessons learned in developing Fallout 3 will have an impact on Fallout 4?" he responded.

    Although short, the response should regonfler Todd Howard morale a little disappointed with some of Fallout 3: "The most important lesson? Do not let the game ended and have no limitation level. Both of which had quite upset the players, but we would still already a third recommendation for Bethesda: do not pay any additional content way Operation Anchorage!

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    Re: First info on Fallout 4

    fallout should have FarCry 2 engine in it

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