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Thread: Batman: Arkham Asylum Preivew

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    Batman: Arkham Asylum Preivew

    Recently income well into the film scene, with two films by Christopher Nolan, Batman has also decided to make his arrival on the next-gen consoles and PC. Developed by Rocksteady and published by Eidos Interactive, Batman: Arkham Asylum will be available in the summer of 2009.

    Arkham: land of asylum?

    As its name suggests, Batman: Arkham Asylum we propose to discover the depths of the famous psychiatric institution, well known to fans of the series, which are confined most of the enemies of man bats. The biggest fans probably remember even the graphic novel (graphic novel) called "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean. If the two works listed above address instead of the same course, the similarities end there: the paper work with graphics very atypical even psychedelic, while the game takes a rather realistic visual leg and consensual ... while still dark, of course. More useful affiliate baby Rocksteady with "The Dark Knight" is not an adaptation from near and far, from the famous and tasty feature.

    But what speaks so this Batman: Arkham Asylum? We will come immediately following the best what we saw during the presentation. From the start of the final version not running on Xbox 360, we go directly into the heart of the matter with a cinematic scene in which we see Batman and the Joker in the Batmobile. Our brave hero takes precisely the dangerous criminal to Arkham Asylum for it to do more harm to the people of Gotham. Upon arrival in the psychiatric center, our two friends are surrounded by staff and gradually fall in the dark confines of the asylum. As a soft serenade, and despite the fact that it is tied, the Joker goes oral reflections vis-*-vis those audiences.

    Note in passing that the official voice of the animated series Batman U.S. are part: including Mark Hamill for the Joker and Kevin Conroy for Batman. Although the version presented had only English votes, the final version should include French dubbing. In the visual, the title uses the engine Epic Unreal engine and it shows from the outset including the premises of Arkham. The textures are fine and detailed as it is on the elements of the decor (walls, tables, doors, etc..), On clothing or skin of the characters (special mention to the face of the Joker). Batman universe requires, the play of shadow and light work and are particularly useful, both in intensity and in their provision. In short, the atmosphere seems to be to go and so much better!

    Bat masks!

    Let us continue our progress in the asylum. Batman, the Joker and the rest of the troops to stop a lift. He finds himself face to face with another resident of the building: the monstrous Killer Croc. Also impressive as bright on the screen (the record is really striking), it is chained and is obliged to follow the group of guards that accompanies it. Whew, are told. That said, do not look forward too quickly, because many signs betray little reassuring presence of other enemies. Let loose a question written on a wall like the sign of a certain Edward Nigma, boots colorful recalling some Harleen Quinzel ... It is obvious that something is going to Arkham and, by extension, that some opponents of Bruce Wayne will make him a "cuckoo" not really friendly, under the leadership of the Joker who has an asset in his sleeve.

    Do not say more about the beginning of the adventure, be aware that Batman is simply being trapped inside the asylum and it will still it to happen to bring about order and justice. Last small aside on the scenario: it is directed by Paul Dini (at work especially in the animated series Batman and Batman, succession), who won all of five Emmy Awards (the Oscars of the U.S. television Simply put) in the past. A priori, it is a guarantee of quality ... it is there to verify if the script is the final height of the personality. However, one can immediately feel that the narration and immersion were particularly supported from the beginning of the adventure: the sequence of entry to Arkham is rather long. But that will reassure our paddles, it can move the camera, and even zoom in on certain elements, phases conducted with the engine game immersion also, as is increasingly the case now, by a wide discretion of HUD to leave the field open to action.

    Now turn to the box "gameplay." Mix between exploration, puzzle and action, the title of Rocksteady played cards while the diversity based on values. We find in the fighting inspiration beat them all with combos to perform and fighting against one or more enemies simultaneously. From this point of view Batman: Arkham Asylum is not accessible with a touch of mainly principal and a touch against it. Our hero can link the attacks on the various opponents of a fluid and dynamic on the screen. The moves follow each other without stopping in, giving the whole a sense of continuity appreciable ... who has also called the method of combat, called "Free Flow Combat. It remains to be seen if all is interesting enough on the duration joystick in hand. Story to reassure us, Eidos promises many abilities to unlock thanks in particular to gain experience. Capabilities that may induce a return back story to really explore the levels thoroughly.

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    Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Go, Go, Gadget!

    Who said Batman, "said Bat-gadgets. If for the moment, few objects have been released, we could see that the Grapple Batarang and the man of our bats were present. Everything was of course use it wisely. It is precisely the case of Detective mode which, if not a gadget per se, based on electronic tools created by Bruce Wayne. This mode, activated at any time, any password screen mode and X-ray allows us to see flaws in the walls, to find useful items, scanning of fingerprints, collect the enemies - or rather their exoskeleton - and whether they were armed. In short, a tool certainly very useful in exploration phase. Another useful way will the party, which is called the "Invisible Predator" in which the tension felt by our enemies will have a role. The music, the behavior of opponents and vibration transmitted by the controller will change depending on the situation initiated by Batman.

    Trying to do with a simple example. If our hero has been hors the combat (it will kill point) three of the five guards in a room, those who stay will be as intense pressure and may be surprised by an escape of gas that comes from the mouth of drain ... and the same may be drawn in a vacuum by fear. The element of fear seems therefore required, which offers a concept of loyalty increased compared to the original work. Ditto for the later investigation advocated by the particular mode detection: it was sometimes forgotten with older gaming adaptations that Batman spent much of his time to investigate. Moreover, whatever happens and even well-equipped our hero a simple human remains and must remain as unobtrusive as possible. It would thus not be a game focused on the unintended: observation environments, advertised as vast and tortuous (even if asylum is by definition a closed) and the discretion appear to be Fueling the adventure. There is also a sense of life that emerges from our first moments of the game: the guards talk to them, they seem to do their duty and are rather different in appearance.


    After seeing him run for an hour and a half, Batman: Arkham Asylum has not reassured about the intentions of Rocksteady studio. The developer wanted to emphasize the dark side and mature of the Batman universe, taking the playing field of Arkham Asylum. The visual and sound is already quality (despite the fact that the version was far from final) and all the gameplay ideas make you want to know more. Remains to be seen what will be worth it over time. Asylum would it not be a playground too closed? The combat system is there a sufficient and rewarding challenge? The pace of the game and the scenario they are interesting enough to be covered? The lifetime will it be enough (we are told 15 to 20 hours)? Bruce Wayne eats he bats for breakfast? All these questions will find answers in the weeks / months leading up to the release of the title (this summer) on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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