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Thread: How to fly helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 4 for pc

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    How to fly helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 4 for pc

    Hello people, I just wanted to know how to fly helicopter in GTA 4 pc version, I am stucked at the level where we have to kill dimitri by catching the helicopter by jumping through the boat after the cutscene. I think it is the last level or so of that game as well. Has anyone successfully completed this mission uptill yet. Thanks for the replies

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    Re: How to fly helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 4 for pc

    Well, seriously for flying the chopper you will need a gamepad either of Logitech or Xbox 360 Controller, cause it is very difficult to handle it via keyboard and mouse.

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    Re: How to fly helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 4 for pc

    I saw a tutorial that you would like to learn for flying helicopters in GTA 4. See the video of how to fly helicopter in GTA Tutorial

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    Re: How to fly helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 4 for pc

    Also for Playstation 3 Controller you will have to press:
    R2 - Rise Up
    L2 - Lower down

    Basically hold R2 until you are in the air and then tilt forward but not the whole way to move forward and keep a steady height. To hold L1 or R1 and use the analogue stick to learn in that direction before pulling it back to finish the turn.

    If you have Sixaxis on [check in the controller ooptions on the pause menu] turn it off cause it makes it impossible to fly.

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    Re: How to fly helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 4 for pc

    This keys were used to fly helicopters in Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas but I dont know if it is used for Grand Theft Auto 4, you might give it a try.

    • W = Rise
    • S = Lower
    • A = Barrel roll left
    • D = Barrel roll right
    • Q = Turn left
    • E = Turn Right
    • NUM9 = Lean Forward
    • NUM6 = Lean Backward
    • NUM0 = Fire primary
    • Left CTRL = Fire secondary

    First find a helicopter. Anyone will do. Press W to rise. Once in the air, hold down NUM9 to lean the helicopter forward. The helicopter will start to go low, so make sure you are high enough. Hold for around 4 seconds. When you let go, the helicopter should straighten up, and go straight faster. Keep on tapping NUM9 to keep it going. Remember to stop tapping when it goes too low, or you will crash.

    When you are flying too low and about to crash into a building or wall, hit NUM6. It will cause the helicopter to lean backwards, stopping it from going forward. Holding it too long will cause the helicopter to start going backwards and eventually flip. Just hold down NUM6 until you see the helicopter stop, and gain altitude again to start flying.

    Turning shouldn't be used much when flying the helicopter, unless you need to change direction while hovering. To make turns in the air, press A or D. The helicopter will tilt in that direction. Keep in mind, when you are turning, the helicopter goes down slowly, even if you are holding W. A tip would be to tap NUM6 while turning, it causes the nose of the helicopter to go up, therefore causing the helicopter to rise a little.

    Shooting in a helicopter isn't really necessary, and can't be done unless your helicopter has a gun. The Sea Sparrow or Hunter are helicopters with weapons. When flying the Sea Sparrow or Hunter, hold left CTRL to shoot. There is unlimited ammo. When in the hunter, there are missiles. Press NUM0 to shoot them.

    Landing isn't very hard. Just press S. If you find yourself crashing, try to stop the helicopter before descending. If you think you are stationary, you may not be, and might be moving forward while landing, you could hit buildings or other obstacles.

    Happy Flying.


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