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Thread: Forza 3 images leaked

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    Forza 3 images leaked

    The first images of Forza Motorsport 3 have leaked onto the internet, showing 'menu poster' art set to appear in Turn 10's third Xbox-exclusive racer.

    The images were accidentally (we assume) released by design company Kaarbo Designs, which was signed up to scribble the menu art of all previous Forza games. Maybe they should've waited for it to be announced before showing off...

    Of course it's not the first we've heard of the third instalment either; another MS leak last summer listed the game for release and revealed that Forza 3 will include over 100 tracks and 400 cars on a two-disc set.

    We contacted Microsoft which promptly told us it doesn't comment on rumour or speculation. We do though, and it looks like Forza 3 is absolutely, definitely, 100% real.

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    Re: Forza 3 images leaked

    As sweet as that sounds, we still haven't received an official confirmation from the folks at MS. Although Microsoft remains silent on the subject, another report just surfaced, pointing towards a few images that prove the game is in development. It appears that the Kaarbo Design, which provided numerous graphics for the well-known racing series, accidentally revealed images for Forza Motorsport 3. The pics have since been removed from the Kaarbo Design web site, which didn't stop fan site Forza Central to take a snap shot of what was inadvertently shown.

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    Re: Forza 3 images leaked

    The popular racing series from Microsoft and Turn 10 is likely to get a third installment pretty soon. During last year's E3, it had been uncovered that Forza Motorsport 3 is indeed in the works and that the developers plan to incorporate more than 100 tracks and 400 cars in the game.

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    Re: Forza 3 images leaked

    WoW itz rlly awesum and cool

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