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Thread: No DLC for Final Fantasy XIII

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    No DLC for Final Fantasy XIII

    The information is dropped from the mouth of Kitase (Square Enix) through the latest issue of Famitsu: No, there will be no additional content for download for Final Fantasy XIII. No new quests, new weapons or so.

    We also learn at the same time that the MP will likely be absent from this part, replaced by a system of cost, it is possible to prepare a series of attack and to activate the timing, it is can see the name of their enemies, and HP before starting a fight or not, and it is possible to switch between a handgun and a weapon "sharp" in combat ...

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    Re: No DLC for Final Fantasy XIII

    Some updates on the development by Kitase of SE:

    • FF XIII will be a complete game in one package, and there will be no DLC. If they were to create DLC, they'd rather make a completely new game.
    • FF XIII is up to the point where the base of the game is done, and they are starting to see some completion.
    • They are going to promote FF XIII so much that the whole world will know about it.

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    Acquired information from the scans:

    • Apparently the MP system is gone and is replaced with a "cost" system.
    • In one turn, you can stock up a series of commands and activate them all at once, instead of choosing one. Also, depending on the pattern of the commands you choose, Lightning's shares will change. For example, choosing "attack-attack-fire" and "fire-attack-attack" will activate different movements of Lightning. At the beginning of the game the maximum number of stocks is 3 per turn, but it is very likely that the number will increase as you progress through the game.
    • ATB is updated in the game, where you can to control the amount of the ATB gauge to use. For example, if you choose the maximum amount of commands in a turn, the gauge will become empty, but if you choose only one command in a turn, the loss of the gauge will be minimal.
    • A yellow bar is displayed on the top right corner of the screen, which displays a "bonus" percentage on the bottom and the chain attack number on the top. "BREAK" replaces the chain number when the attack chain is broken. The use of the bar and the meaning of the bonus percentage is still unknown.
    • The field system is very similar to FFXII's where the enemies are visible, and you have the choice to engage in combat or ignore. On the field you can check the enemies' names and HPs before you go into combat.
    • The main enemies from the Government are the Holy Gewalt hounds, and the PSICOM soldiers. When Lightning was still in the Holy Government, she had some kind of association with PSICOM.
    • The giant mechanical enemy that Lightning has been seen with on the train belongs to the Holy Government, and is called Manasvin. It mainly attacks with lasers and with circular blades that are attached to its wings.
    • During gameplay, Lightning's weapon's form can be freely changed by a command in the menu. From a blade, to a gun, and vice versa.
    • Lightning uses her weapon with her right hand, while she uses magic with her left hand. She does not summon gravity with her own powers, instead, she uses a special mechanic that's attached to her left hand.
    • Not much of the new character on the bottom left corner of page 3 is revealed, except the fact that he knows Lightning since she was with the government.

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    Re: No DLC for Final Fantasy XIII

    Hum I feel great at the level of non-mp. Apart from whether there's a system of association as in the eighth.

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