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Thread: Rumor: Fable 2 coming to PC in February

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    Fable 2 coming to PC in February ?

    Though the October NPD figures clearly indicate that everyone and their dog have already purchased Peter Molyneux's recently released, much-anticipated action-RPG, we're certain that some of our console-shy readers will be pleased at punch with this recent rumor -- German gaming site Gamona recently dropped some knowledge delivered to them by an unnamed "inside source" at Lionhead, who claimed that Fable 2 would be coming to PCs on February 15, 2009.

    While we maintain our trademark trepidation when dealing with hearsay, this isn't too outrageous a claim. After all, the original Fable made its way to PCs a year after its initial launch on the Xbox. February does seem a little soon for such a port -- though we wouldn't blame Microsoft for eagerly wanting to continue the harvest of cash money that the game has garnered thus far. We'll let you know when we hear more.

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    Re: Rumor: Fable 2 coming to PC in February

    This isn't a huge stretch to imagine since the original Fable debuted on the original Xbox console and then was released on the PC with new content a year later. Fable II has gotten solid reviews since its October release and more importantly massive sales. It was the best selling console title in the US for the month of October according to the NPD Group. So far the game's publisher Microsoft has been mum on any plans of a PC version.

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